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It’s Tuesday and I am traveling back to the west coast today!!  My five days in New York were filled with friendships, exciting adventures, good food and LOTS of walking.  I loved every minute!!


Did you know that Clay Aiken did a bit of tweeting on Monday?

If this doesn’t make you smile til your face hurts, you need to get your heart checked. …

Be sure and check the link in Clay’s post… I bet you will smile!!

Later in the day, Clay tweeted again:

Sorry @includingkids. I think I said Raleigh when I should’ve said Charlotte. My bad. I shouldn’t speak til I know what I’m talking about 😳

Yes…Clay and The National Inclusion Project announced the time and city of their Annual Champions Gala. Of course I will let you know all the details as soon as I get them.  If you have never had a chance to attend the Gala in previous years, I hope will make plans to attend this year.  Rumors are that it is going to be a very exciting week-end!

Clay is chatting with some participants at the 2015 Gala.


Congratulations to Clay Aiken.  He came in #3 in the Out Poll of Most Eligible 100 Bachelors!!  A thank you to all who voted for Clay.

We will be back to schedule starting on Wednesday. 

Thank you for your patience.

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Some of This – Some of That

  1. It sure looks like the Gala will be in Charlotte this year! It's a lovely city and there was a lot to do there! Looking forward to hearing about the recipients chosen this year! Loved the tweets!

  2. Saw the news about the 106 year old woman who met the President and First Lady! What a joy it was to see something good in this world! Love the tweets! Thanks for posting!

  3. So glad you've had a wonderful Mini-vacation Martha. These little vacations do a body good. Great hearing about the Gala as well. Looking forward to going this year. I've never been to Charlotte, so this will be interesting and fun.

    Have a safe trip back home Martha.

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