Clay Aiken – Words Not Necessary

I am on a mini-vacation for 6 days.

I flew cross-country on Wednesday and already feel in a vacation mood.

I do have my lap-top with me and will try to keep up with any news about Clay Aiken.

Just remember that the timing may be a bit off!


Season 15 of American Idol is in full swing this week.

I bet each one of the singers are having a wonderful, but stressful time.

I found a great YouTube that highlights Clay Aiken on his journey on American Idol.

I hope you enjoy it!

How lucky we are that Clay Aiken was on American Idol!!

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  1. As Clay once said to an contestant: If it wasn't for American Idol he wouldn't have the life he has today! We feel the same as we wouldn't have Clay in our lives! Thank you for the videos and have a great vacation!

  2. Oh boy that was fun! Have a great time on your mini-vacation Martha! Do share with us where you are!! Will this include a visit with your grandchildren! Don't worry about us, we'll still be here, just like we are with Clay! :*

  3. I am in New York City!!! The rest of the family is skiing this week in Northern California.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this! It was a good start to my day. How Clay didn't win, I'll never understand. He did very well for himself despite it. I loved watching Bridge Over Troubled Water; you could see Randy shaking his head at how amazing Clay sounded. And, I got chills just watching it! Thanks again and enjoy your trip!<3

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