Clay Aiken – Singing Invisible

There was a fun mini-conversation on twitter today.  I thought it was lots of fun and filled with a big heart!  I think everyone smiled!  I am leaving out the names as a courtesy:

What’s a birthday without some Clay Aiken. Enjoy. Wait until the end. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUI ‼️‼️

There was a cute video with the tweet of 4 young ladies driving in a car and singing Invisible…until the phone rang!!!

Clay tweeted back to the girls:

I hate it when that happens too! 😉 You sound good ladies. Keep your eyes on the road and have a Happy Birthday! 🎉

A few minutes later, the girls saw Clays tweet:

m  omg Clay Aiken tweeted us how lit

Now…I bet you are smiling!!!

Invisible…What a fun song and it was a huge hit!!!  Thinking of the song made we go back to July 8, 2003 and the first time we heard Clay sing Invisible! Do you remember?

The Xcel Energy Center is a sports arena in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is home to the NHL’s Minnesota Wilds and the NLL’s Minnesota Swarm. It is owned by the city of Saint Paul and operated by Minnesota Sports & Entertainment. The arena has four spectator levels: one suite level, and three general seating levels named the 100 level, the club level, and the 200 level. Its official capacity is 18,064.

The Xcel Energy Center opened in Fall 2000. It was built on the site of the demolished St. Paul Civic Center. In 2004, the arena was named by ESPN as the best overall sports venue in the U.S.

On July 8, 2003, the Xcel Energy Center was the site for the opening of the American Idol, Season II Summer Tour.

There had been a buzz in the Twin Cities for more than a week. The entire cast of the Season II tour had been in the area, practicing for the opening of the tour. They spent some time rehearsing at the University in Minneapolis and finally had their dress rehearsal in the arena.

The 2003 American Idol Tour traveled throughout the United States and gave 41 shows. The concert tour ended on August 31st in Anaheim California.

No one knew what to expect at the Xcel. The show and its performers were kept under wraps and so the performances were highly anticipated.

In the first half of the show, each Idol performed a solo song in the order they had been eliminated from the show. Clay Aiken performed in the number 9 position. Before his performance, they showed a short video montage of Clay as he progressed through the American Idol show. Finally, Clay appeared on the stage from below in a cloud of fog and sang “This is the Night.” Dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and purple tie, Clay looked handsome and ready to thrill the audience.

The second half of the concert was much more informal and there was a combination of solos and ensembles. Clay was very busy as he sang in many of the songs.

One of the highlights of the show was Clay’s duet with Ruben to “The Girl Is Mine.” They had a lot of fun teasing each other and sang well together.

To the majority of the people in the audience, the most exciting moment of the concert was when the lights dimmed and Clay arose from under the stage, dressed with a sports jersey from the local team. It was the first time that the audience saw and heard Clay’s popular hit, “Invisible” and they saw a performer who dominated the show with an exciting and dynamic performance. And, the Xcel was the home of the first “tug.”

The program at the Xcel ended with the entire ensemble singing “God Bless the USA.” It was a wonderful way to end an exciting program.

The Season II American Idol Tour went on to be a huge success. Sponsored by PopTarts, the tour had an average attendance of 10, 446 and the capacity for the tour was over 89%.

Clay Aiken fans will always remember the Xcel Arena and the wonderful excitement of the evening. It was just the beginning of a wonderful professional life for Clay.

The following is a video of Clay singing Invisible. It’s a real treat to see the beginning of it all!!

The next video is This Is The Night from Raleigh.

Did you see the American Idol Season 2 Tour – Live?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Singing Invisible

  1. wish i had… it would have been great. such a dear, talented human being OMC!!! with a big heart and tons of wit you clay!!! 🙂

  2. wow, that must have been some exciting night for Clay, he was shown such great support from his hometown, they sure loved him and loved Clay answering the tweet to those girls, I bet they were excited, I know I would be. Thanks for this post Martha, I enjoyed it so much, you guys are the best. xo

  3. That was the one tour I missed. Had planned a vacation that began that morning so I was long gone by the time the tour arrived that evening in Columbus. I have enjoyed watching many you tube videos of Clay's performances across the country of the AI2 concert.

  4. I missed the American Idol tour, 2003 was a tragic year for me. I try to get as much of the tour on YouTube! Wish I could seen it all! Thanks for posting the videos and the tweets!

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