Clay Aiken – Celebrity Endorsement Of The Week

On Thursday, Clay Aiken was a guest on SiriusXM POTUS – Politics Of The United States.  Clay chatted about Donald Trump and his kids, why he endorsed Bernie Sanders, and many more subject about the primary election.

The host was good in allowing Clay to talk and not get interrupted.

If you subscribe to Sirius XM, you can hear the entire program.  If not, you can hear three clips of the show.  But…I know that people are having trouble hearing it on their phone.  You might want to hear it on your computer.  To hear the clips, Click on SiriusXM


The Larry King interview that Clay taped earlier in the week was made available on Thursday.  Again, it is an excellent conversation about the Primary Election.  Clay’s section of the program is about 2/3s of the way through the show.  You can see it at  LARRYKING


The Washington Post published an article about Clay on Thursday:

Celeb endorsement of the week: Singer Clay Aiken for Bernie Sanders 

 March 17 at 11:24 AM

Celeb: Onetime “American Idol” runner-up and fan favorite Clay Aiken, whose résumé has expanded to include titles like author, LGBT-rights advocate, congressional candidate (he ran unsuccessfully

in North Carolina in 2014) and political pundit.

Candidate: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), whom he endorsed in a Huffington Post essay this week. Aiken acknowledged that Hillary Clinton would likely be the Democratic presidential nominee, and though he praised the former secretary of state, he said he hoped she would “learn from the Bern.”

Money quote: “Sen. Sanders has stood firm in the face of what has seemed like certain defeat many times before — from protesting for civil rights to the filibustering Bush tax cut extension — because he recognizes that sometimes the first step toward making a difference is making a point.”

Does it matter? His fan base, a.k.a. the “Claymates,” span demographics. And one sign that he’s part of the conversation: his recent criticism of  Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump appears to have gained some traction, at least, with Trump supporters promising to burn his albums. So there’s that.

“Clay Aiken ✔‎@clayaiken
Laughing at #Trump folks who r “throwing out” my albums bc I dont support him. If ur a str8 dude over 30, ur not fooling any1. U never had 1″

It is always good to see Clay get positive press.

There was another article about Clay on Thursday:


Clay Aiken: John Kasich ‘Scares Democrats’

By Todd Beamon   |   Thursday, 17 Mar 2016 05:10 PM

Clay Aiken, the former “American Idol” runner-up and Democratic nominee for Congress in 2014 from North Carolina, said that John Kasich is a far greater threat to the party than Donald Trump.

“Kasich is the one who scares Democrats,” Aiken told radio talk-show host Meghan McCain on Wednesday. “He scares Democrats because he is more moderate.

 “He’s not nearly as moderate as he looks when he stands next to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but he’s benefiting from the fact,” he added. “That’s why I think Trump’s canceled the debate

“I think he canceled the debate, not just because he thinks he’s done enough, but because if it’s just him and just Ted Cruz and just John Kasich — and he doesn’t really have anybody to fight with anymore — it just makes Kasich look so much better and he doesn’t want that.”…

To read the entire article , visit NEWSMAX

So…there is one more day in this busy week for Clay.  I wonder if he will visit another show or just take the day to recover!  It certainly has been fun watching Clay this week.  I hope he has had a great time and I look forward to seeing Clay on TV and the Radio again “soon”.

Have you been able to see Clay on TV this week?


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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Celebrity Endorsement Of The Week

  1. I have not been able to catch Clay on TV, but because of CANN, I can read the articles and view the interviews! Thank you! Also, I will give a shout-out to my friends on FB for posting too.

  2. Well Martha, because of you and CANN I was ABLE to see everything Clay was on. TV, radio, and articles. I got to catch up since I was at work during the day!

    He was articulate and to the point with every question! We are still his "Claymates" and he still loves us!! Thank God we aren't as crazy and Trumps followers, lol!

  3. We are so lucky to have CANN to keep us apprised of all that Clay is doing. I never seem to know ahead of time when Clay will appear on radio or TV, but am able to access the news because of checking this site each day. A million thanks to you two ladies who put CANN on line.

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