Clay Aiken : A Busy Day!

For followers of Clay Aiken, Thursday was a fun day!  The name, Clay Aiken, was everywhere!

Clay started Thursday with a tweet.  He was reacting to some information about a promise of money to a Gold Star father.  According to the news, Donald Trump promised $25,000.00 to a father of a fallen soldier but didn’t follow through.  Clay tweeted the following:

What a coincidence! That’s the exact same amount promised me he’d give – never did!

This tweet was quite popular.  Clay got over 1,500 likes on twitter.

I do hope that Clay and The National Inclusion Project get their $25,000 …SOON!

A bit later in the day, NewsMax published an article titled:  Ten Reasons Clay Aiken Could Be President Someday

The article, written by Jerry Shaw, was interesting. The following is a bit of the article:

…As a famous singer, songwriter, author, and politician, Clay Aiken has all the components for a successful run at the presidency someday. He first shot to fame as the “American Idol” runner-up in 2003 and went on to enjoy success as a recording artist.

He was the Democratic nominee in 2014 for North Carolina’s second Congressional district. He was defeated in the general election, but has been at the forefront of politics and activism ever since.

Here are 10 reasons Clay Aiken could be president someday:

1. He’s willing to voice unpopular views — Aiken endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary and was going to back her again in 2016, but changed his mind early on in the campaign, referring to her as a “leaky boat” and endorsing Joe Biden, vice-president at the time, according to CNN

…9. He is critical of both the left and the right — Aiken says it like it is, regardless of party lines. He has criticized the Democrats, saying they hurt themselves by constantly talking about how horrible Trump and the Republicans are, he told The Hill.

10. He’s not typical — It’s one of the reasons Trump was elected president, Aiken has said. Like the president, Aiken himself is not your typical politician.

If you want the other 7 reasons, you need to read the entire article at NEWSMAX

Clay responded to the article with another tweet:

Just when you think the news media can’t possibly stoop any lower… 😲😂😂

Leave it to the press to pick up this tweet…  The Wrap picked it up immediately! They wrote:

Clay Aiken Shoots Down Report He ‘Could Be President Someday’ (Exclusive)

“American Idol” alum scoffs at right-leaning news site for writing he “has all the components for a successful run” for the White House

by Jon Levine

Sorry America, Clay Aiken has no plans to run for president.

The former “American Idol” and “Celebrity Apprentice” star on Thursday shut down some left-field speculation by Christopher Ruddy’s conservative website Newsmax suggesting the out gay singer “could be president someday” and “has all the components of a successful run.”

“I will not be available to run for President, as I have decided to retire to a small experimental colony on Venus where I am dedicating my life to growing prize winning space turnips,” Aiken told TheWrap exclusively in his typical tongue-in-cheek fashion.

When asked if that could be taken as an official denial, Aiken responded via email with the “neutral emoji face.”

 Not exactly a Shermanesque denial.
If Aiken does change his mind, it wouldn’t be his first stab at elective office. In 2014, he was the Democratic nominee for Congress in North Carolina’s second district and took more than 40 percent of the vote against incumbent Renee Ellmers.
Aiken has also remained plugged into current events, appearing on CNN as an Bernie Sanders surrogate during the 2016 campaign and co-hosting a political talk show on YouTube called BoldTV.
You can read the rest of this fun article at The Wrap
Jon Levine, the author of the Wrap article posted on Twitter:
I’ve decided I want @clayaiken to host an MSNBC weekend show called “Aiken For a Change”
Now, that sound fun!!
In the evening, Clay joined his friend, Lisa Lampanelli at the official opening of her Broadway show, Stuffed.  Clay had attended the show a few days ago, but came back to support Lisa and walk the Red Carpet with her!
I wish much luck to Lisa.  I hope your show is a big hit and it stays on Broadway for a long time!!

It is Friday and that means Clay Aiken is on BOLD!  To advertise the show, the following tweets were posted:

Tmrw 10amET@ClayAiken & I bring you top headlines & host adoptable rescue pups on . See you there!


10 Reasons Clay Aiken Could Be President Someday – But before anything, you can join on tomorrow at 10am EST!

So… are you watching Bold?  I think Clay just might get a bit of ribbing from Carrie!  You can see the show on Facebook Live!  I bet it will be an interesting show!

AND….I look forward to more days like Thursday!  It’s always fun to see Clay’s name all over the internet!



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