Clay Aiken – In Tribute To Brussels

The entire world watched in horror yesterday as a flurry of violence erupted in the city of Brussels, Belgium. At least 31 people have died and  more than 200 injured in the attacks.

 Brussels is the home of NATO and the capital of the European Union.

Our hearts and thoughts are in Belgium tonight and always.

Monuments throughout the world are lighting up in the colors of the Belgian flag to show support for the country,which will hold three days of national mourning.

The Eiffel Tower is illuminated with the Belgium national colors.

The Belgian flag is projected on Rome’s historical Trevi Fountain

The Court of Lyon, France

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Brandenburg Gate – Berlin

Anytime I am sad, confused, or just feeling blue, I listen to this beautiful song that is sung by Clay Aiken.

It always brings me some peace even if it is a holiday song.  I hope it helps you too!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In Tribute To Brussels

  1. It amazes me how this world comes together in the aftermath of such a tragedy, as in Belgium! My heart sank and my eyes cried! My thoughts and prayers are with them! Thanks for giving us Clay and "All is Well"!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post. As always, a great job. All Is Well is the perfect song to post. Thank you!

  3. What a difficult day we had yesterday. Your post was calming. Thank you. Clay's All Is Well is always a winner. Thank you again for a wonderful post.

  4. It is a difficult time in the world. We need posts like this to help us to realize that there is good in the world. Thanks to Clays beautiful voice and passion when he sings, we know that All Is Well

  5. I love All Is Well. It is something that I listen to all year. Thank you, Martha for posting the song and the amazing photos.

  6. it is a mad diffaclut time time in this wold i was so upset and shocked when i saw people getting killed while in the airport and out side we sure do need poasts like this to help us know that theres still good in this wold know matter what happends thanks to clays amazing voice and his passion when clay sings all is well then we know

  7. I love All Is Well and Clay sings it so well. You chose a perfect song. I love reading about Clay at this site. I wish we could get him to let us know when he has a tv or radio program. I would watch if knew..

    Thanks again for all you post

  8. Lovely post. You always seem to know what to post. I hope Clay tweets soon. I like to hear from him. I think we all do. Can you tell him that?

  9. Oh Clay . All is Well. was as always so BEAUTIFUL.!!!!!! Thank you so much, your voice is awesome!!! You always pick the best at the right time. Hugs to you.

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