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Monday….a great day to get fun news about Clay Aiken.

Last week, Billboard posted an article that featured the best live performances from American Idol.  The article is divided into 100 parts and has a short paragraph about the performance and a picture or video of each artist and their performance.

I am only showing the two Clay Aiken sections of the article.  To see the entire article, click on BILLBOARD

10. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” –- Clay Aiken

Season 2

Before Aiken delivered his best-known performance, Simon Cowell believed the North Carolina native was having an “off night.” That thought was put to rest the minute Aiken took center stage on the season finale with a gospel choir and raised the 1970 Simon and Garfunkel classic to another level. “I didn’t know you could hit that note, dawg,” declared an enthusiastic Randy Jackson. Paula Abdul was breathless, exclaiming, “you gave us chills.” She continued to declare Aiken a “true artist” because he “took a classic song and made us feel like we heard it for the first time.” Even Cowell was sold, declaring Aiken “could win the competition.” He didn’t, but this performance went down in Idol history as being the one to top.

20. “Solitaire” –- Clay Aiken

Season 2

Neil Sedaka was the celebrity judge when the finalists performed hits from his songbook. Music supervisor Susan Slamer remembers when Clay Aiken selected a composition that was a hit for the Carpenters, “Solitaire.” “That was a natural choice for Clay,” she believes. “It’s got the power, it’s got the range, it’s got the great feeling that he can emote with. He could really feel it and get into it and I remember when Clay sang that song, Neil had tears in his eyes.” Sedaka confirms that memory: “I was overwhelmed by Clay’s voice and I said, ‘I’ve lost the song. It will forever be a Clay Aiken song.’ The next night I was having dinner at Spago and Clive Davis came over and told me, ‘We’re going to record “Solitaire” with Clay.’ Then I heard the record didn’t come off well and it was not included in Clay’s Measure Of A Man CD. Clive said, ‘I feel terrible, Neil. I’m going to re-record it.’ I never heard the original, but the second recording was brilliant. Brilliant!”

It is great that Clay has two performances…but, to me, Clay should have the #1 and #2 performances !!


Monday had a surprise…Clay Aiken was on CNN again.  He joined Brooke Baldwin to be a panel member that talked about the Republican Primary Election.  They talked about Trump’s meeting with foreign policy advisors.  Clay brought up that he was interested in seeing Trump give a speech with teleprompters.

Fortunately, there are some screen caps of the panel and  a You Tube of this discussion.  Enjoy!!

Clay is a real pro when he is asked to talk about the Primary election.  He is well-versed on the topic and expresses himself with confidence, knowledge, and integrity.  I hope he is asked back to CNN often.  He adds a lot to the show.

So…what surprise will we get today?

 I do hope that Clay will tweet so we can watch any show he will be on.

 I don’t want to miss seeing him!

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  1. His performances on American Idol were tops in my book! Never tire of hearing Clay! Nothing surprises me these days when it comes to OMC! He's everywhere! Loved the show! Thanks for bringing us the updates.

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