Clay Aiken – Busy Days!

It was fun on Tuesday to find all the interesting news about Clay Aiken.

I missed something on Sunday.  Thanks to a friend, I learned that Clay was on Penn’s Sunday School Podcast last Sunday.

Did you know that the magician, Penn Jillette broadcast a Podcast each Sunday?  About halfway through the show, Clay called in to Penn and they talked about the Primary election and Donald Trump.  Clay and Penn were on Celebrity Apprentice together in 2012.

The conversation was interesting as both men are intelligent and seemed to enjoy talking about the differences in Trump from 2012 to Trump now.

You can hear the Podcast at Penn’s website.  Clay’s part of the Podcast starts at 46 minutes left (the clock countdown goes backwards).  You can move directly to that number.  Check it out at PODCAST


In the middle of the day, Clay sent out the following tweet:

Talking ‪#‎WisconsinPrimary‬ with @CNNnewsroom in 10 minutes @CNN

It was followed by another tweet with a picture.

Trying the ‪#‎glasses‬ on for ‪#‎Wisconsin‬ primaries on @cnnnewsroom on cnn #wisconsin #2016 ‪#‎LA‬…

A few minutes later, Clay posted:

Got a scratch on my eye. Lid swollen. Can’t wear contacts for a few days. These windshields I’m wearing hide it better than expected.


The following are some screen caps from the program:

If you missed seeing Clay on CNN, there is a video of the show.  You can see it at CNN


Did you watch American Idol last night? American Dream was more a documentary than anything else.  It followed Idol from the first note to the very last.

The show brought back the three original judges and many of the producers and directors.  They, along with a few Idols talked about the show and how they fit into it.  There was very little of Clay.  He was not interviewed, but they did show a few pictures of him with Ruben on the season 2 finale.

Billboard wrote an article about Tuesday’s American Dream and did mention Clay:

‘American Idol’ Recap: Special Looks Back at Past 15 Years

…Cowell said that the closest final that the show ever had was in season two when it came down to Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken.  As many as 37 million votes were cast for that finale, and according to producers, the difference came down to about only 130,000 votes…

A few people posted a couple of pictures of Clay backstage during the rehearsal for Thursday night.  They are quick clicks, but nice to see.

The New York Times wrote a new article about American Idol.

‘This Was ‘American Idol’

Although ratings and interest have waned in recent seasons, “American Idol” had been a cultural juggernaut for many years, crowning superstar musicians and bringing in over 30 million viewers at its peak.

After 15 seasons, the Fox singing competition will end its run in a three-part finale, with a retrospective episode Tuesday night and the crowning of a winner on Thursday. Here are some of its most memorable moments…

#3 –  Clay Aiken Spawns the ‘Claymates’

Clay Aiken attracted a cult following — the “Claymates” — despite losing to Ruben Studdard in the Season 2 finale in 2003. In perhaps his highlight performance, he covered Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

He went on to a lengthy career in music, acted on Broadway and on TV, and in 2014 unsuccessfully ran for Congress in North Carolina.

You can read the entire article at New York Times

They posted the following video:

 Did you see Clay on CNN today?

Did you watch American Idol – The American Dream?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Busy Days!

  1. I did watch, but was a bit disappointed with the show. I was hoping not only to see Clay more, but the rest of the known Idols! Will watch tonight! Enjoyed the podcast between Clay and Penn!

  2. Thanks for all the sites you posted. Enjoyed the Penn Jillette interaction with Clay on the podcast. I did watch AI retrospect on Tues. Will tape the Thurs. show since I will be at a play that evening. Hope Clay gets more than a quick pass over.

  3. Can't wait to see AI tonight and to hear Clay sing. If you listened the Penn Jillette audio, Clay did say that he would be singing 1 song. He said that he had to go back to rehearsing and left the Penn show. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the years of AI.

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