Clay Aiken – A 3-Day Celebration

Today is the beginning of a 3-day celebration of the popular TV show, American Idol.  It is also the beginning of the end of 15 seasons of American Idol.

On Monday, rumors were filling the pages of social media.  Former Idols were tweeting and periscoping.  They were in the studio, getting ready for the big celebration.

With so many Idols participating in the finale, it will be hard to fit them all in.  I know that there will be lots of groups and some performers will be featured more than others.

Clay Aiken is keeping quiet about his appearance on the show.  We know he was in the studio Monday and hopefully we will hear from him about his American Idol performances …”soon”.

Clay didn’t forget about social media though…he tweeted at the end of the NCAA Basketball Championship Game.  Even though the North Carolina Tar Heels lost, it was an exciting game.


American Idol has been busy with social media too.  On Monday, they posted the following tweet about Clay:

It’s and we’re looking back at in honor of week!

TROUBLED WATER” BY SIMON AND GARFUNKEL Clay Aiken sang this song as his final IDOL® performance. His loss to Ruben Studdard was by one of the closest margins of votes in the show’s history. Despite his loss, Aiken became the sixth highest selling Idol® of all time.


Fred Bronson is a journalist, author and writer. He is best known for his appearances on American Idol, the weekly “Chart Beat” column for Billboard magazine, and as the author of books related to Billboard charts.

On Monday, Fred sent the following tweet to Clay:

.@clayaiken Where you were 13 years ago today:  #Idol

This tweet includes a link to a great article by Fred Bronson:

When ‘American Idol’ Met Billboard in Season 2: How ‘Hot 100 No. 1s’ Night Was Born

Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke and Ruben Studdard on American Idol in 2003. SGRANITZ/WIREIMAGE

Thirteen years ago today, Billboard and American Idol were brought together for the first time…

According to Bronson, it was his idea to have the Billboard #1 hits theme on American Idol.  After some discussion, it happened and became one of the most exciting programs.  Bronson also invited the Idols to visit the Billboard office.

The article talks about the visit to Billboard by Clay, Ruben, Kimberley, Rickey, Josh, and Carmen. Fred even remembers the questions they asked.

The article is very interesting.  You can read it at BRONSON.

I hope you enjoy the following video of Clay singing as part of the Final 2 of Season 2/American Idol!!

Are you planning on watching Day 1 of the American Idol finale?

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A 3-Day Celebration

  1. So excited about tonight! It's like a huge family reunion of Idols. Of course, Clay's the one I have my eye on! Thank you, CANN for posting the video of Clay singing "This is the Night

  2. Yes, I'll be in front of the TV watching for the next 3 days. I haven't watched Idol for many years, and only watched this year to see Clay at the beginning. Interesting article that you posted about the Billboard Hot 100. Thanks.

  3. I knew immediately after hearing Clay sing for the first time on "American Idol" that I had discovered not only a superior singer but also a person who strives to make a difference in this world. Truthfully, I will certainly be watching AI for its last three days but only to catch a glimpse of THE MAN.


  4. i wil be watching this amazing 3 avent for americian idol i just saw clay and clay lost to rubbin crap

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