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Monday was an exciting day in Raleigh, North Carolina…it was the first day of the Power of Play Conference.  Held at the Marbles Kids Museum, the Power of Play Conference is a part of the National Inclusion Project.

The goal for The Power of Play  is to provide a framework and resources for program providers to implement successful inclusion in their programs.

Besides gaining knowledge and resources about the latest inclusive practices, the conference will include training in:

  •  Serving families effectively
  •  Building lifelong friendships for children
  •  Achieving positive behaviors
  •  Preventing and handling bullying
  • Creating accessible activities


Congratulations to Aron Hall, the  Director of Programs for leading the training.  He is amazing as he shares the information and gets everyone involved!

And, another congratulations to Nick Leisey, Executive Director, Tonya Gillham, Director of Development and Marketing, Debbie Cain, Treasurer, and Christy Thompson, Director of Community Outreach, Clay Aiken, Chairman and co-founder of the National Inclusion Project, and Diane Bubel, President, and co-founder of the National Inclusion Project. Each of you have brought your own knowledge, hard-work and personality to make the National Inclusion Project the leader in the field of Inclusion!

The conference will wrap up today with more workshops and information.  I am sure that the people in attendance will go home feeling enthusiastic and empowered.

Pictures popped up all over the internet on Monday about the Power of Play.  Doesn’t it look like lots of fun??

Clay Aiken and Aron Hall – “Let’s Play Conference”

DJ presenting a doodle friend to Clay Aiken at the Inclusion Project Conference!!

Clay Aiken seems to be enjoying the conference

Diane and Clay

All of these people are saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Christy Thompson at the @includingkids #powerofplay16 conference!

Be sure and visit the twitter page for The National Inclusion Project.  It is filled with so many pictures and videos.

 They show how much fun and informative the workshop is for all!

 You can see it all at INCLUDINGKIDS

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  1. So much admiration goes to all on The National Inclusion Project! Clay, Diana, Nick, Aron, Christy, Tonya and Debbie, plus all those who volunteer for such a great cause. Bravo!

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