Clay Aiken – A Man of Many Talents!


Should I believe the magic in your eyes
I would wait until the end of time,
To hear you say you love me
Like you mean it
Baby when you hold me
Make me feel it

All I wanna do is make you mine
I would wait until the end of time

Baby say you love me
Come on baby say you love me

In 2002, Darren Hayes and Rick Nowels collaborated to write the song.  As the fourth track on Clay Aiken’s CD, “Measure Of A Man”, the song was  light hearted and   was popular on Clay’s tours.

With a bit of dancing through the song, Clay would sometimes get a bit confused and forget the lyrics.

It got to be fun to see if he would remember.


This is a quick personal message from ME!

I will be out of town for the next 4 days.  I fly out early Thursday morning and return home on Sunday.

I am taking my very old laptop and we can all hope it allows me to post updates.

Of course, the schedule will be off a bit, but I hope you will have patience and know that I plan on posting while I am gone.


One more thing…I had the opportunity to spend Wednesday afternoon at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center in Tiburon, California.  I participated in  Let’s All Play  Training from Aron Hall and the  The National Inclusion Project.

The afternoon was amazing.  I went to the event knowing only Aron and now feel like I made many new friends.

I had hoped to be able to write about the wonderful experience, but will have to wait until I get back to town.  I will end with this…

If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Aron’s Let’s All Play Training Sessions……


It was a wonderful, exciting experience!

More next week!!

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  1. Thank you for a great wake-up video to start my day! Have a safe trip and will hear from you soon, Meanwhile, I could look into CANN"s archive!

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