Clay Aiken – 94 Degrees!!!

I am sitting at my computer wondering why it is so hot. We are having a heat-wave!! I just checked the temperature and it is 94 degrees in my home.  I live in the San Francisco Bay area…this is not supposed to happen.  Most people don’t have air-conditioning in this area…

So, yes…I am complaining, but only to let you know this blog will be short today.  I am packing up and going to visit my family.  They have air-conditioning!


One of my favorite Clay Aiken songs is Something About Us.  This beautifully romantic song was written by Michael O’Brien.  Clay included this love song on his album, On My Way Here.  It was released on May 6, 2008.

Do you like this song?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 94 Degrees!!!

  1. My favorite song from his CD "On My Way Here". Clay's performance is heart-warming and very personal to me! Thank you, for the Clay memories!

  2. OMG, 94 degrees inside your house! Glad you have family nearby to stay with for awhile. I'll cool down listening to Clay sing one of my favorite songs. He sings it with such feeling.

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