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Do you remember the song, Kyrie?  It was a huge hit by the group, Mr. Mister.

A product of the L.A. session-musician community, Mr. Mister enjoyed a brief but huge burst of popularity during the mid-’80s. Their songs were radio-ready pop/rock. While they disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived on the scene, their two number one hits, Broken Wings and Kyrie, remain enduring classics of ’80s mainstream pop.

Kyrie Eleison is Greek for “Lord, have mercy.” It is used as a prayer in both Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox services.

The song Kyrie is credited to lead singer Richard Page, keyboardist Steve George and lyricist John Lang.

When Kyrie became a hit, very few people listening to Top 40 radio had any idea that they were singing “Lord Have Mercy, Down the Road that I must travel!” The religious significance was mostly lost.

This was Mr. Mister’s second #1 hit in the US. The first was Broken Wings.

February 24th, 2004 was the first concert for Clay Aiken’s Independent Tour.  Held at the Charlotte Coliseum, Clay performed the second half of the concert that he shared with Kelly Clarkson.

Clay’s entrance that night to Kyrie was electrifying.  I will never forget the excitement when Clay Aiken entered from the back of the stadium singing Kyrie…it was the entrance of a Star!  The entire audience in Charlotte tried to figure out where Clay was and where the singing was coming from.

Kyrie eleison
Down the road that I must travel
Kyrie eleison
Through the darkness of the night
Kyrie eleison
Where I’m going, will you follow
Kyrie eleison
On a highway in the light

Kyrie eleison
1. Greek words, meaning “Lord, have mercy upon us,
2. The name given to the response to the Commandments, in the service of the Church of England and of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

The following video is fun, but it begins in a dark venue and Clay way in the back.  It is still worth watching!!


Did you see Clay sing Kyrie live?  Did you see it more than once?


Just a short note…As most of you know, the Republican Convention starts today.

There will be lots of news about the event and I assume that Clay may have lots to say.

I will report what Clay says if it is about the news…

I will do the same thing during the Democratic Convention when it is taking place.

I hope we can all be opened minded and listen to both sides.

 Thank you all!!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Electrifying!

  1. I love Clay's performance of this song! His entrance to the audience was electrifying! Thank you for posting, loved the videio!

  2. Gosh, I remember this so vividly!!!!! Wondering where Clay would enter the arena….that spotlight, and following it around….The screams!!! the excitement!!!! Clay did such a wonderful job of covering this song as well… Would have loved a clean copy of that song. I think the closest we got was when he was on Kimmel, and sang Kyrie, but we were never able to hear the whole song…. Gotta go listen….Thanks Musicfan!!!!

  3. I was sitting in the 'nose bleed' section of the arena when Clay began singing and walking in from the back on the ground floor. We were all hanging over the railing trying to find him. How exciting it was to be in that venue with all of Clay's screaming fans! The write up in the paper the next day remarked that even though Kelly got a good reception in the first half of the concert, it was obvious that the fans were there for Clay.

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