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On Friday afternoon the following tweet was posted:

FRI SHOW: Updating the military coup in Turkey; we’ll be joined tonight by @darksecretplace@clayaiken@melanieberliet & @seenajon #TGIF

Well…that woke up those who follow Clay Aiken.  A few minutes later, another tweet was posted:

Political commentator – and awesome singer – @clayaiken when it comes to @realDonaldTrump‘s VP Pick – NOW:

It was nice to know that Clay was in New York and ready to talk with Meghan McCain.  I always enjoy their radio conversations.  They obviously like each other and respect their different points of view.

Clay and Meghan talked for almost an hour.  They talked about Donald Trump and his choice for Vice President. They also talked about Trump’s family.  Both Clay and Meghan wondered how they would be presented at the convention and how they would help in the election.

Clay seemed to respect Trump’s daughter, Ivanka,  and commented that she is very intelligent.  He was concerned that she is agreeing with her father about some things that she never supported before.

He also said that Trump’s wife is intelligent but seems to like to stay in the background.

Clay and Meghan both admitted that they really didn’t know a lot about the Coup in Turkey.  They wanted to know more so Meghan’s dad, Senator McCain called in to help them understand what was happening.  Clay asked a few great questions and I really enjoyed learning more about Turkey and why the government is so unstable right now.

It was nice to hear that Clay will be back on the show sometime next week.  Meghan will be at the Republican Convention and will be broadcasting from there.  I am sure she and Clay will have a lot to discuss!!


On a different subject, Clay has been tweeting every day to remind us all about the Friendship Blast next week.  He posted this on Friday!

Join our friendship flashmob! – 7/20, will flood the Internet with stories of what – Tweet urs next Wednesday!

It is not too late to sign up.  You need to sign up 2 places and your name will be added to the list.  AND…you will be a part of the Thunderclap Blast and the giant party to celebrate friendship!

Inclusion Project   Click on the big Blue box and fill in the form

Thunderclap   Click on the red button that fits you and fill it out

Both are easy!!   And thank you!!!

With all the talk of friendship this week,

I have been thinking of all types of friendships.

Just think of the friends I have right here on CANN!!

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Political commentator

  1. Happy to be seeing and hearing from him again! He’s been quiet lately! I’m so used to him in glasses!

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