Clay Aiken – All On The View!


According to many sources on Social Media… tonight, Clay Aiken will be on the television show, The View.  Clay and View panelist, Sunny Hostin spent a couple of days in Charlotte, North Carolina interviewing the public and learning how they feel about the police shooting and the demonstrations.

I am looking forward to the show and seeing Clay chatting with the people on the street.  I hope you will watch the show!

A nice man from Delta Airlines seemed to be excited to meet Clay at the airport in Charlotte…It seems Clay flew back to NYC on Sunday.



This visit by Clay to The View made me think of the  many times Clay has visited The View.  From what I can remember, he has appeared on the show ten different times.  Each one was fun, different and entertaining.  I hope I found them all.


Clay and Ruben both talked with the ladies and sang their new singles.


Besides singing Invisible, Clay was interviewed by a “Hot Dog” and smelled by an expert!


The sang The Way and even though he was not feeling well, his performance was great.


Sitting in the middle of a special Christmas set, Clay performed Mary Did You Know.


Looking dashing in his gray suit and long  hair, Clay sang Without You


No song for this appearance, but Clay tried to teach the Russian Dance from Spamalot to the ladies.


On My Way Here was a hit when Clay performed it on this appearance.


To me, the best performance of then all, Clay sang Unchained Melody


Clay was a co-host on the View.  It was cute that he actually got “bleeped” and there was a great conversation on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!


He talked about North Carolina’s HB2.  

He also showed some videos of his visit to NC to talk to the public about the bill.

How fun to see so many important moments for Clay…all on The View!

I hope we get some more pictures today!


Just a quick reminder…Clay said he would be live tweeting the Presidential Debate this evening.

 I am looking forward to what he has to say!

Will you be following Clay on Twitter tonight?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – All On The View!

  1. "The View" loves having Clay on the show! Whoopi seems to be a great fan, she loves his insights on the events at hand!

  2. I almost missed Clay on The View, so happy to see him again, hopefully I will be able to get him on twitter about the debate, so looking forward to the dabate also tonight, I'm sure a lot of us Canadians will be watching.
    Thanks Musicfan for all your infor, you're all great.

  3. i saw clay on the view today it seems whoppi to indeed be a great fan i sure hope clay gets time to twitter it should be a verry interesting debate

  4. I have been busy with a new grandbaby but I did finally see Clay on The View! He was great, wasn't he? Love him.

    I read all his tweets tonight too. I couldn't watch the debate until the end… Clay kept me entertained all night long!

  5. I miss seeing Clay so much. Wish he hadn't hightailed it back to N.C. so fast, and played the Hollywood game longer.
    anyhow, he needs to remind MEGHAN McCAIN, a good friend whose wedding he attended, that CHRIS ROCK said the mean joke about her father FIRST, when Chris was pumping for OBAMA ten years ago, it was to a black audience. I mean, the 'That ain't a hero, a hero means you weren't captured!' or whatever he said. (arsenio hall reminded us of that, when DONALD TRUMP started getting slammed for repeating it, and he should stop now that J. M. is older and sicker and not running for prez anymore! )

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