Clay Aiken – A Successful Day!!



Monday was an exciting but busy day for Clay Aiken.  It all started with a tweet:

This morning is tackling the one subject we need to talk about most, but that no one wants to discuss! I’ll be there. 11AM on

It is always nice to see Clay on TV.

Fortunately, there were many pictures and messages sent out about Clays visit to The View.


@sunny and I had some powerful discussions with a folks in #Charlotte with a variety of opinions. @theviewabc tackles one of the country’s biggest Hot Topics, today at 11AM E

Arsenio Hall sent a tweet to Clay on Twitter:


Arsenio Hall Verified account ‏@ArsenioHall Good work @clayaiken! @TheView @ABCNetwork

The following are a few screen caps:




Clay wrote an excellent message on his FaceBook page:

The View has certainly had moments in its history were they’ve been known more for their drama, crosstalk and fights at the table. Some of that’s what made it much-watch TV.
As it enters its 20th season, it’s amazing how much it still continues to be a part of so many “water-cooler conversations.” And I’m so impressed by how the show is willing to tackle tough issues and do so in ways that most other shows still don’t.
I was honored to be a part of this discussion.

I certainly hope Clay will be asked back to report on important stories that need to be talked about!

The following video shows Clay’s visit to The View.

After Clay left The View studio, he hurried over to another studio to be a guest on America Now Radio with his friend, Meghan McCain.

The talked on-air for about an hour.  Of course, they talked about the up-coming debate.

They also talked about how Meghan and Clay would be tweeting about the  debate together.

Somehow, a picture of the tweeting/dinner showed up on Twitter!


What an exciting day.  Clay was a wonderful guest on The View and then had a great conversation on the radio with Meghan McCain…and it looks like he had a great dinner too!!

You might want to see Clay’s tweets from the debate…all 45 of them!!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Successful Day!!

  1. First of all, thank you for posting Clay's appearance on The View! I loved Arsenio's tweet! My phone was tweeting all during the debate last night from Clay! His insights were very precise and at times funnier as hell!

    • hi gay marie 1 wow im glad clay had a chance ta tweet and i sure also loved clays aperence on the view

    • hi gay marie 1 wow im glad clay had a chance ta tweet and i sure also loved clays aperence on the viewand im glad you followed clays tweets

  2. I am a fan of Sunny Hostin so am glad that Clay had the opportunity to work with her. Seems she enjoyed working with Clay, too. Even Whoopi was complementary to him. I didn't watch Clay's twitter feed, but I did check it out after the debate. (I can't do 2 things at a time anymore.) How about that debate last night!

  3. I loved Clay’s appearance on The View as a hot topic discussion show – and I loved his appearance – period! How many times has this man completely reinvented himself? I think he has changed his hair color & style more than me, & that’s saying a lot! This is the serious politician/ hot topics persona. I don’t know which look I like best, but as long as it’s

    the sweet caring man inside, they’re all ok with me. It just takes a little time to get used to each new look. What do you think? Day 1 fan – unconditional love for Clay.

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