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Welcome to the Month of October!

It looks like the month of October will be a busy and exciting time for Clay Aiken.

On Friday, September 30, it was announced that Clay was co-host on the new show, Bold Blend – Live.


Wait…what is Bold Blend?  According to their website:

Welcome to Bold Blend! Bold Blend is smart, fun next-generation, socially-native television news. Carrie Sheffield, Bold’s founder, and co-host Clay Aiken lead the discussion on buzzing headlines, hot topics and political news in a bipartisan way.

As with many new ventures, Bold Blend is active in using Social Networks.  Bold Blend is live-streaming on Facebook.  They are working with Roker Media, the first Live Streaming Network.The chairman of Roker Media is Al Roker who is best known as the “weather-man” on The Today Show.


Clay seemed to enjoy being a co-host on the show.  He was able to keep the show going with interesting questions and led the transitions smoothly.  He looked very much at home on the show.

I am looking forward to the next show.  I do hope that there will be some pre-show publicity so that people have a chance to see the show “live”. The audience will be bigger if people know it is happening. Of course, as a west coast native, I probably will have to see it a few hours later.


The following pictures were taken when the show was not being taped.  Notice the green screens…who would ever guess they were not really in front of windows!!



Did you see the show?

 If not, you can see it HERE   

Scroll down to the article with the green screen picture.

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Bold Blend

  1. If one recalls, when he guests on Tyra, Clay wanted to do a talk show! Thanks for posting the video! Enjoy Clay and CANN in the morning with my coffee!

  2. I am so glad that Clay is getting to co-host a talk show, as that is what he really wanted to do. The only complaint I have is that viewers only saw his side view. Bummer. I hope the show does well. I would love to know when the live show is on &I where to find it. As always-unconditional love for you Clay!

  3. I think Clay felt right at home on Bold Blend as he always wanted to have a talk show himself, I hope he will be on there more. I really enjoyed this show, very interesting. Thanks Musicfan

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