Clay Aiken – Just Have A Great Time!


When the name, Clay Aiken comes up, most people think…Great Singer…

That is certainly true, but besides his beautiful voice, Clay Aiken has a great sense of humor.

 He can make almost anyone smile, laugh, and just have a great time!

The following video from Clay combines his great singing voice with his sense of humor and ability to laugh at himself!!

 Yes, it is old, but I bet you will enjoy watching Clay entertain!


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  1. The classic medley was really fun to watch . There is nothing more entertaining than watching Clay having a fun time on stage! Thanks for the video. ❤️ Day 1 fan w/unconditional love for Clay.

  2. I love this segment of Clay's concert! Nothing I expected him to sing and his antics was so hilarious! Thanks for the Claymemories!!

  3. There is nothing more entertaining than watching Clay have a lot of fun entertaining . Thanks for coming up with yet another fine video. ❤️ Day1fan w/unconditional love for Clay.

  4. Clay & the girls were having so much fun on this tour. We in the audience were singing and dancing along. I miss the 'good old days' when Clay was in concert around the country.

  5. Clay is a natural entertainer. He has a quick wit and can pick up the vibes of his audiences to perform at his highest level. Just viewing this segment of his concert brings back so many memories and so much fun and excitement! No doubt these earlier engagements set the standard for his keen input on his many TV appearances to date that are sprinkled with seriousness, genuine opinion, and that still wonderful laughter!

  6. Isn't it great that we have these memories? What a treat to watch again. Gotta admit, we sure had a lot of fun back in the day, but so did Clay!!!!

    • yes it sure is great its amazing also yes i agree what indeed a treat im glad that you sure had alot of fun back in the day and yes clay sure did indeed also

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