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According to social media, Clay Aiken had a busy day Monday!  It seems that Clay was at a Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  He was a part of the press  representing The View. He was there to chat with many of the people attending the event.

We first learned about this assignment in the early evening from FaceBook:


Katrina Mattey at Mohegan Sun Arena PA. Wilkes-Barre, PA · Holy crap! Look who’s standing next to me interviewing for “The View”…Clay Aiken!!

Another FaceBook message:

Brian Sayler

 Clay Aiken is standing 10 feet away from me in the media pen. I guess he’s some kind of correspondent for The View???
Two other people with press passes posted:

Candace Smith 

Also, Clay Aiken is in the press section here in Wilkes-Barre.

Jonathan Lemire 

In press section in Wilkes-Barre, PA: Clay Aiken.

From Facebook:

Matt Connolly:  After the rally, which was epic, I was interviewed by Clay Aiken for The View. He’s a very sharp guy who knows the issues (he did run for congress this year after all). Not sure if I’ll make the show, since we didn’t agree on much!



Michelle Allen You just a typical day at work with Tina Rodriguez and CLAY AIKEN

Interviewing after the event!

Interviewing after the event!

A few hours later, Clay sent the following tweet!!


Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken Pennsylvania, USA Oh yes, my friends. This just happened. #trump #wilkesbarre #theview #abcnews #surreal @ Mohegan…

I am so glad that Clay had the opportunity to report about the crowds and how they feel about Trump and Clinton.  It is important to know how everyone is feeling!

I do not know when this program will be on The View, but I certainly will be watching tomorrow and the next day, to see what Clay learned from the people of Wilkes-Barre.

When I know more about when the program will be broadcast, I will let you know!!


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  1. Clay seems to be everywhere concerning this election! Can't wait to see him again on "The View"

  2. I don’t know how I missed this section about Wilkes-Barre but I guess it’s been a little surprise gem waiting for me to uncover it! What a good surprise for the press of W-B. I’m sure Clay enjoyed it. A chance to see the huge crowds for Trump – not that Clay is any stranger to huge crowds. ❤️ – day 1 fan w/unconditional love for Clay! .

  3. Clay made a smart moving to NYC. We can look forward to seeing/hearing him on The View, Bold Blend and America Now with Meghan McCain. How about Broadway next?! I missed the View today, but you can bet I'll be watching it the rest of the week.

  4. It was not said wether Clay got to attend the rally, or had to wait outside with the press. Clay-please spend an open minded evening watching Fox News Channel, contact Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly. Don’t bother with Megan , she can’t get over anyone saying the word for kitty cats! Always, Unconconditional love for you – Always!

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