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On Tuesday night, the Vice-Presidential Debate took place at Longwood University in Virginia.  The 90 minute debate was between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.  The moderator for the evening was Elaine Quijano.

For those of us on the west coast, the debate started at 6:00pm.  Unfortunately, I was in the car driving home and missed most of the debate…However…

Clay Aiken did not miss the debate.  As he did with the Presidential debate, Clay sent out live tweets commenting about the debate.  I was glad that I could read the tweets when I finally got home. You can read his tweets at CLAYSTWEETS  .   

Throughout his career, Clay Aiken has been a guest on Entertainment Tonight many times.  One of my favorite visits was when they taped Clay at his Album signing for A Thousand Different Ways and Clays visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  It is a great video and fun to be reminded of Clay in 2006.  I hope you enjoy it!

Did you ever get to attend an album signing with Clay?

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  1. My phone was tweeting constantly during the debate with Claycomments! Thanks CANN for the great video of OMC! Great memories of Clay on ET!

  2. I am thinking we didn't watch the same debate! The inept moderator lost her way nearly from the start, Kaine was more than bratty and rude, and Pence took him to the cleaners. Pence is obviously more Presidential than anyone running, and I just cannot believe Clay can't see that. This was, once again, Liberals at their worst, and the media bias shown at these debates is absolutely horrible.

    • I think Kaine should not have been so interrupting but that being said, Pence did not address the issues or offer any substance on the issues.

      • He had NO chance to finish his thoughts, as the moderator cut him off every single time to change the subject, or let Kaine break in with some more babble. He most definitely tried to answer questions. Kaine was there to attack Trump period!

  3. I always enjoy Clay in the early years. Seems like it was yesterday. The videos on Jimmy Kimmel’s show are the best. They seem to be good friends & enjoy being friends. I wonder if Clay has been on the show in the last few years-since he has been a serious political figure. Still unconditional love for Clay!

  4. I didn’t get to see ET very often, but I caught Clay on the Jimmy Kimmel show many times. They are classic videos -showing Clay & Jimmy having a fun time. They seem to be the best of friends. I wonder if Clay has been on the show the last few years-when he was a serious political figure. Fan from day 1-Unconditional love for you Clay!

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