Clay Aiken – The Past And The Future

In the song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,
what should you hang upon the highest bough?


It is always fun when the week starts with some great news about Clay Aiken.  Yesterday, we did get some excitement.

Lynette Carrington at posted a wonderful interview with Clay Aiken.  The article is  about the Christmas concert in Chandler on December 16.

Lynette wrote:

…Chandler Center for the Arts is now bringing Aiken to the Valley for his one and only Christmas performance on December 16! Christmas with Clay Aiken also marks the first time that the artist has sung in a public performance in three years. landed Mr. Aiken’s first Valley interview and was excited to finally catch up with the charismatic and seasoned performer…

…Aiken’s life has changed considerably since his days on “American Idol” back in 2003. A stint on Broadway, a run for Congress in North Carolina, an admirable season on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and the birth of a son have all happened since the early days of his career. However, Aiken remains as grounded and lovable as the young man we first met in the second season of the singing competition who has ultimately become an American treasure…

The article is a positive look at Clay’s career and covers so many of his accomplishments.  It also covers news about the upcoming concert.

I hope you will click on the link and read the entire article.  It is certainly worth the time!


On December 6, 2004, Clay made an appearance on The Tonight Show. He had a great talk with Jay Leno and sang a wonderful rendition of “Mary, Did You Know.”

Jay asked Clay about his Thanksgiving holiday. Clay told him that there were over 30 people who celebrated at his home. This was the interview when we learned about Clay’s relationship with Tupperware and about the importance of glass milk bottles. Remember?? Six bottles, all lined up perfectly!! Clay was clever, well spoken, interesting and very funny.

Clay brought along a video of his throat and showed us his vocal cords…..well, it was different.

Clay was introduced after Kevin Spacey, and instead of starting off by talking to Jay, he began by singing. Clay’s voice showed beauty and power and his love of the lyrics was obvious. It was evident that Clay had completely recovered from the illness he had suffered recently. There was obviously no vocal chord damage from his infection.

As always, Clay was dressed in his own style. His brown plaid pants and blue blazer stood out from the others. All and all, it was a wonderful visit as Clay was able to show his intense and stirring side as he sang and then his humorous, light banter and a set of slightly bruised vocal chords up there on the screen for all to see!

I think the video of “Mary, Did You Know?” shows one of the best performances I have seen or heard.

I hope you enjoy it.

Are you going to the concert in Chandler?


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Past And The Future

  1. This is one of my favorite interviews and performance by Clay! He and Jay have a great connection! I wish someone had the introduction of Kevin Spacey. He went on about being ahead of Clay and how the audience wish that Clay was there instead. He went on to mention Clay's name in every sentence, just to get the audience screaming! Funny segment!

  2. We are so lucky to have all these memories. Thanks Musicfan. There is nothing like listening to Christmas songs sung by Clay….

  3. Love this post. Clay and Jay had a great interview and Clay sounded fabulous singing.
    I enjoyed the new interview too. Sure wish I could go to the concert on the 16th.

  4. Such great memories. Best Christmas song ever and loved the conversation between Clay and Jay.

    Thank you for these great blogs.

  5. hang a shing star such memrable memories nice christmas song and i did love the conversation between clay and jay leno

  6. Clay was at his best on those late nite shows. We always got to a different side of Clay. He can be so funny. His fans can be pretty funny too. Enjoyed the music video. Clay does a superior rendition of that song. Merry Christmas to Clay, his family, and his extended family. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love to you Clay. Good luck with the concert

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