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The Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen posted a couple of fun pictures on Sunday.  It seems Clay Aikens mom, Faye Parker, was in town.  They saw the show and had the opportunity to go backstage too.



If you want to see some of the other pictures from backstage , you can visit DEAREVAN


Some days you just need to laugh and that is what we are going to do today.  Lets sit back and just have fun!

Today, we are highlighting a great video by SueReu.  It is called The Lost Rossini Medley. Some of you may have seen it before, but whether it is a repeat or a new video for you, your smile will be there!

This great video takes scenes from the 2007 summer tour and puts them to the music of Rossini.  If you want to see Clay at his best and have a good laugh, watch this video to the very end. You think it is over…but there is still a bit more!

So…are you smiling?

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  1. Clay always puts on a great show, besides his glorious singing, there is his wonderful sense of comedy! Thank you, for sharing the video; what a great way to start my day!

  2. SueRue has such a talent to be able to put this video (and many others) together. I remember attending this concert with friends and laughing at Clay's dancing and joking and singing TV songs.

  3. I always love it when Clay lets loose with some dancing. He’s a very good dancer too. It’s great that Faye gets to visit Clay in New York & see a Broadway show. So much is happening on the foreign affairs front I’m surprised he can take time to enjoy himself. As you said, some days you just need to laugh. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love to you Clay.

  4. clay sure is indeed a great entertainer and he does put on a great show also besides his amazing great singing the pictures of clay and clays mother fay are great im glad clay mom fay got to see clay and to visit him in ny and to see a broadway show

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