Clay Aiken – Opps!! Somebody Made A Mistake!

02-26-17NYC BAnner

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night?

 If so, you might still be a bit confused!  

Yes…the movie, Moonlight won the best picture!


According to CNN- Entertainment:

In one of the strangest moments in Oscars history, “La La Land” was announced as the winner — but that was wrong. After giving their acceptance speech, the producers of “La La Land” took the mic and said they actually lost the award to “Moonlight.”

“This is not a joke.’Moonlight’ has won Best Picture.”

How difficult for everyone. I feel sorry for the “La La Land” cast and the “Moonlight” cast.  Thank goodness this kind of mistake does not happen often!!

So…the winners are:

  • Moonlight is the best picture
  • Emma Stone won best actress of “La La Land”
  • Casey Affleck won best actor for Manchester by the Sea
  • Supporting Actor:  Mahershala Ali for Moonight
  • Supporting Actress: Viola Davis, for Fences
  • Both Original Song and Score went to La La Land

I thought that Jimmy Kimmel did a great job as the host of the evening.  I loved the candy coming from the ceiling and the busload of tourists!!


I had the opportunity to watch the Academy Awards on TV with my family.  They invited me to their home to share the fun.

My grandkids set up a party and even cooked and set-up the snacks for the evening.  They are 10 so it was a big deal !  It made for a special event!

So…please understand that this blog is rather short tonight.  I couldn’t get home until the show was over!!


Do you remember Clay Aiken singing Fantasy on Season 3 of American Idol?  It was a catchy song from the group.

Clay was a guest on the show and sang with the Top Four contestants.

What a fun memory!

Clay…we miss you!  A tweet would make us feel so much better!

02-26-17AI season5

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Opps!! Somebody Made A Mistake!

  1. I must have missed that Idol show. It was nice that they had him back for a visit. The song was very good. So were the final 4 as back up singers. I didn’t watch the awards show Sunday because I don’t think Hollywood shows should be a place for political opinions. They showed all the gowns on one of the iPhone news sites. The mid show commercial video was available but I didn’t watch that either. I’m glad Jimmy did a good job. Thanks for the video. It was new to me. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay.

  2. I watched the Oscars last night and most of my favorites received the honored statue! Love the Claymemory from 2004 on Idol!

  3. I did watch the Academy Awards last night, but because I'm on the east coast it was sometime after 11:30 when the Best Picture was announced. Can you believe that I fell asleep and woke up at 12:30 am! Had to wait until this morning to learn about the mix-up. I had forgotten about Clay singing with the girls on season 3. Looking back, I noticed how casually they were dressed. In the later seasons every contestant was trying to outdo the others in their attire.

  4. i dint watch last night the oecars but ive herd about the mistake and i also waned to say congradulations jimmy kimmel you did a good job iliked the video on idol when clay was singing with those girls in season 3

  5. Always loved that Clay sang that..he did an amazing job. Thanks for posting that video again Musicfan….LOVED SEEING IT AGAIN!!!

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