Clay Aiken – A Blizzard Warning!

This evening, I celebrate living in California!

 I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to live though a storm like the one on its way to NYC and the north east coast!

I hope that all of our CANN friends…from the Carolinas to New York and above, are safe and comfortable!

According to The Weather Channel:

  •  Winter Storm Stella’s main event is underway as blizzard warnings include New York City.
  •  Snowfall rates of 1 to 4 inches per hour are possible.
  • Road and airport travel are likely to be snarled across the region. Some roads may become impassable.
  • NY1 is now forecasting that the city will be hit with between 8 and 15 inches of snow!
  • New York City public schools will be closed Tuesday due to the storm and so are the Public Libraries

Traditionally, Broadway shows will stay open even during the worst winter snow storms, as long as the public transportation systems in New York City (and surrounding areas) are still in operation.  Broadway shows will always close if the New York City Mayor issues a storm emergency, closes all public transportation, closes the bridges and tunnels going into the city and issues a vehicle and people-ban on the streets on NYC.

I would imagine that life for everyone in the city will be affected today.  I know that Clay was in London during the biggest winter storm last year.  I hope he went grocery shopping today!!

Do you remember these times when Clay dressed for the cold?

The Early Show!

The Early Show – December 5, 2005

Good Morning America

New York???

Celebrity Apprentice

Tree Lighting

Macy’s Parade

Stagedoor at Spamalot

Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Heavy coats…yep…it looks like Clay will be OK!!

Everyone…Please be safe!

Clay…Let us know you are OK!!

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  1. Good morning musicfan. I noticed you were watching Clay on periscope this morning. That was an interesting thing to find on my iPhone. A message came on that Clay Aiken was live on Periscope & I immediately went there. What fun. I enjoyed all the coat pictures. Thanks for all that you do for CANN. I hope Clay appreciates you. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. Stay warm.

  2. I, too watched Clay this morning on Periscope! He could not get a cab and had to walk several blocks in the snow to get to the radio station! I guess he wanted company and/or tell us about the conditions in NYC.
    I just hope everyone is keeping warm and safe. Thank you CANN for the pictures of OMC!

  3. I was getting ready for work so I was totally up! Heck I was almost late for work!! He was so dang cute!! One warm hand, one cold hand!

  4. Clay was on Periscope this morning and he was funny and mad at the same time. Subways weren’t working well and he couldn’t find a cab. So he walked and Periscoped all the way to the radio station he was going to be on. They cheered upon his arrival! It was fun for me to wake up to! Thanks, Clay!

  5. Yes…I watched Clay on Periscope this morning. I loved it BUT…I am on the west coast and it was 4AM. The whistle woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. Of course, I have already had a nap so I can get through the day!!!

    I also listened to the radio show too. Clay is so funny!

    I hope he got home OK!!!

  6. I a also watched Periscope this A.M. I could not believe he could walk that far &still be able to talk. He'll probably get pneumonia. I really enjoyed it though.

  7. I hope that everyone is safe. There is no snow in my area.

    I loved that Clay let us walk through New York with him. It was really fun!

    I also loved hearing Clay with Taylor. They are a kick together!!

    Thank you for the blog every day. I love reading it!

  8. I was NOT up at 4:00 lol, but a Clay or a fan friend on Twitter rejuvinated Periscope for me and I just finished The Walk haha. I saw you on there, musicfan, he noticed our CAlif time and told you to go back to sleep ROTFL. Yes, it was amating he could walk so fast in the cold and keep up the constant banter!! But of course we know from his singing what lung power he has… hope he didn’t catch cold! I liked the show too, but they talk too fast for me!!

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