Clay Aiken – Walking With Clay!

Did you walk through New York City with Clay Aiken on Tuesday morning?

I did and I had fun…I even felt like I was out of breath from walking so fast!!

Yes…Clay periscoped his trip to the studios of SiriusXM Radio.  And, because of the nasty weather he had to walk – 18 blocks!!!

If you missed seeing the Periscope, you can see it on Clay’s twitter page.  Just scroll down a few posts.

Clay was headed to the studios to be a guest on the radio show, Wake Up With Taylor!  Clay has co-hosted the show a few times before and it has always been filled with fun.

Clay posted the following tweet:


And then:

Stuck inside from a blizzard this AM?? Warm up with me and all morning on on right now

I can remember some fun comments that were said on the 3-hour show:

  • Bath vs. Shower :  Clay says about a bath: “you marinate in your own filth”.
  • Men’s Cologne:  If I tell everyone what product I’m using, I change because I want to smell special!
  • Thinks that texting helps kids with their spelling.
  • Clay said that he has met every President since he was born except Reagan.
  • Clay and Taylor discussed the Kit Kat song…Clay sang a bit of it!!
  • Clay shared some of the worst comments he has gotten on Social Media.  Wow!  Why do people say such horrible things!!

I am glad that Clay chats with Taylor.  The conversations are usually light and fun and it is always a great 3 hours.

Clay must have been hungry after the busy morning.  He posted a picture on his Instagram page.  He even has the spoon ready to dig in!!

The trouble with radio is there usually no pictures and today, I couldn’t find any new pictures from the studio.

Maybe you will enjoy a couple of these pictures! 

CNN – March 14, 2016

CNN – March 14, 2016

I hope everyone in the bad weather will be careful and safe!  
Oh…and Clay…thank you for making Tuesday special!
 We all got to start the day with a smile!!
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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Walking With Clay!

  1. I enjoyed "walking" with Clay yesterday morning! His breathing was very fast as he was hurrying to get to the studio! Poor baby even lost one of his gloves! Thank you Clay for taking us along and thank you CANN for all the pictures!

  2. Two of the comments that were here have disappeared. I have no idea how or why. I approved both and then they disappeared. I checked back in history and not there…I checked back in Span folder, thinking I could have made a mistake…not there…

    I am posting this so that no one thinks that I purposefully threw out their comment. CANN loves comments!!

    Hopefully this will not happen again!!

  3. Clay co-hosting with Taylor is just pure enjoyment. An added plus are the little nuggets of information that leak out that we would never hear otherwise. Light hearted and fun. They make me smile!

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