Clay Aiken – #1 In The USA

The song, When I See You Smile was originally released in 1989 by the hard rock band, Bad English.

The single was a huge success but it was the bands only #1 hit in the US.

When I see you smile
I can face the world
Oh, you know I can do anything
When I see you smile
I see a ray of light
Oh I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile
Baby when I see you smile at me

I bet you are smiling now!!!

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – #1 In The USA

  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Love Clay's smile. He always makes me smile. Love the video as well. Aren't we lucky to have all these videos of past performances? Thanks Musicfan.

  2. Yes I was smiling through the whole post! What a collection of fantastic photos! Each one a reinvention. And happy. The video was great too. I have always loved when Clay has fun with the audience. I wonder if he could keep an audience laughing like that today. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. Keep it light. Keep smiling

  3. OMGosh, love that song, love the pics (a couple even new to me!), and love the vid (Party-Time Alcohol, 600 nickels, and Flat Clay, Hahahahahaha!!!!)

    Yes, I am smiling now Thank you!

    I agree that we’re very lucky to have so much Clack; and we’re also incredibly lucky to have someone as dedicated and talented as you, Musicfan, to make sure we get to experience it!!

    I was not able to make Pala, even tho it’s nearby, but this vid is so good, I feel like I was there after all

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