Clay Aiken – Happy Week-end!

Happy Week-end!  I hope you have time to relax and have some fun!

On Friday morning Clay Aiken was on BOLD. Did you have a chance to see him?

After the busy week, the show had many topics to discuss.  It was a very interesting show and a bit heated too.  But, Clay always keeps things interesting and I am glad I was able to see the show.  If you missed seeing the show, you can see it on Clay’s Facebook Page.  Be sure and check it out!  CLAYSFACEBOOK

Now, that’s not a good grade!


I thought you might want to watch this fun video of Clay!

Yes…memories of American Idol!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Happy Week-end!

  1. I watched the show live and was amazed about the comments from viewers, some found OMC wrong with his opinions and literally left the podcast! I found this sad! BOLD is a show that voices all opinions and I LOVE IT! It's about damn time, bravo!
    Thank you, CANN for the claymemory of "Grease" love those shaking hips!

  2. I watched Bold and was in agreement with Clay. I was surprised by the comments that were being posted. Guess I'm just on the other side of the aisle. As to the video…I could never understand what all the fuss was about the red jacket & the hip shake. I'm sure Clay was convinced to do the performance that way although he probably was out of his comfort zone. I personally loved it.

  3. omg that hip shake im also in agreement with clay im shocked though that some vewiers found clays opions wrong and left the podcast

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