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There aren’t enough days in the weekend.

~Rod Schmidt

Did you have a chance to see BOLD TV on Friday morning.  It was an exciting show and Carrie Sheffield and Clay Aiken did an excellent job of keeping the entire show on point.

Comedian Tom Shillue,  joined  Carrie and Clay to discuss parenting, behavior patterns, and his new book, Mean Dad for a Better America: The Generous Rewards of an Old-Fashioned Childhood.  Tom feels that with tough love, a person grows up prepared to deal with mean people.

Clay and Carrie took a few minutes to discuss Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods.  They also discussed the tragic shooting of Representative Steve Scalise.  Both hoped that this horrible act might promote more bipartisanship within our government.

My favorite part of the show was the story about Dion Leonard and his dog, Gobi.  The dog accompanied Dion for 77 miles of an ultra-marathon race across the Gobi desert. His new book, Finding Gobi tells the story of their friendship and adventures.

The following YouTube shows the entire show from Friday morning.  I hope you enjoy the show!


Clay is featured on a cute video – Celebrity Friendships No One Understands.  Clay talks about his friendship with Tyra Banks!  The video is short and Clay comes on at approximately the 3:00 point in the video.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – News With A Smile

  1. Love BOLD, Clay and Carrie were so good with us and with each other! Tom Shillue's book was right on about strict parents, especially Dads, I am not surprised that Clay is a "mean" dad but I bet he is very loving, too! The video of Tyra and him is not surprising, these two fell for each other the moment they set eyes on each other! Clay has long lasting friendship with those he loves and respects!

  2. I watched Bold later in the afternoon on Fri. Loved what Clay had to say about 'Mean Dads"…he is one! Also really like his new hair cut. This is one he should keep. I'm going to have to read "Finding Gobi". What a great little dog and his new best friend Dion Leonard.

  3. Great show this week on BOLD. Really good guests. Especially Tom and Gobi. So glad that Clay is a good dad. I wish we could have peace between the parties but there are some evil people in the world today. Happy Father’s Day to CANN, its followers and to Clay. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. God bless America.

  4. I rarely get to watch Bold on Friday mornings, but always watch it later. It's very enjoyable and I love Clay's quick thoughts on questioning and vast knowledge on topics.

  5. i rarley get a chance to watch bold on friday mornings also
    i hear its verry enjoyable and i also like clays new hair cut im glad that clay is a good dad i also wish that thered be peace between the parties thers so much evil in the wold today huggs and kisses for you clay

  6. Great show, even with horrific violence. Love Gobi’s story, a much happier one. Cutest doggie ever! So glad she found a home, and all the people from everywhere helping to find her when she got lost gives me a lot of hope for mankind in spite of all the other crap.

    I haven’t watched the Daddy Dearest part yet, but I do hope Clay is not really a mean dad. Having a happy childhood is a healthy thing and I believe it makes a person stronger, not weaker. (I was relieved to hear Bing Crosby’s daughter say on PBS that her brother admitted to embellishing Bing’s “mean dad” actions in his bio bc the book publisher insisted on it to “pique interest”! Good grief!) But of course that doesn’t mean you should spoil a child, which is worst of all! So I wanna hear what Clay has to say…

    Thank you so much, musicfan, as always!

    And Clay – always and forever a fan, whatever you do w your hair, LOL.

  7. OK, I watcjed the whole thing – thank you for providing it! – and I’ve got to clarify my previous comment: to be there’s a big difference in definition between the words “strict” and “mean”. Strictness and discipline are good as long as not domineering. Guess I need to learn what mean means now, cos in my world it meant the opposite of loving…

    Enjoyed the odd couple vid a lot, too. That Tyra-Clay interview on her show is one of my favorites ever!!

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