Clay Aiken – Frustration and Determination


Boots:  Time to switch to
Clay Aiken: You MUST be joking.
Jessica Marie:  That’s why you should drink products!
Clay Aiken:  I’d rather go thirsty.
Clay Aiken:

OK…OK…You found your Pepsi!  That must have been quite a ride.  Hope it was worth it!!

Clay—Pepsi???  Has this always been his favorite drink?

Pepsi??? Nah…Looks like Jamba Juice!!

OK…I doubt Clay was served Pepsi here!!!

Do they serve Pepsi at Baja Fresh???


Maybe this is the reason Clay likes Pepsi so much!!

Maybe this restaurant in North Carolina serves Pepsi. Clay visited this restaurant when he was reporting for The View!


Well…maybe this is a bit more healthy!!

Are you a Pepsi Fan?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Frustration and Determination

  1. I'm a Coke fan. Pepsi is too sweet for my taste. Next week you'll be watching Clay at Politicon. Take a Pepsi to him.

  2. . I JUST stopped drinking pop after 50+ years but if he really need a pepsi, KFC has it. My grandma drink Pepsi till she was 80. Determination for sure. Happy hunting Clay. <3

  3. Not a fan of Pepsi! I’m a Coke drinker! Lol, can you imagine how much gas he wasted just trying to find it? He is too funny! Have fun at Politicon! Looking forward to seeing some videos!

  4. Not Pepsi or Coke. DIET DR PEPPER for this Clay fan. Tea and water. Never Pepsi or Coke. The dr says drink more water. Soda is very bad for you. I’m trying.

    What a fun post. Many good photos. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. God bless America.

  5. first i was a mountian dew fan but that changed now when i want a soda its diet coke for me and not pepsi

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