Clay Aiken Has Something To Say!

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Clay Aiken wrote a wonderful article on Huff Post!!

It seems that Clay is watching American Idol this season.  He wrote an excellent article on Huff Post about Ada Vox, an Idol contestant who made it into the Top 10.  The talented singer is one of the few people to come back to the show after being eliminated in a previous season — and one of the first to do it entirely in drag.

Unfortunately, after performing Circle of Life on the show’s Disney-themed night, Vox did not receive enough votes from the audience to move forward in the competition.

Clay gave his honest opinion of why Ada Vox was voted off.  He met the “hater” comments before they were even written!  He spoke up and gave his thoughts  and was very kind to Vox.

Huff Post

Ada Vox Lost ‘American Idol’ Because She Wasn’t The Best Singer. Period.

Guest Writer
Clay Aiken

Ada Vox, the first drag queen finalist in “American Idol” history, had a rough go of it with the voters. Not receiving enough support from the public last week to secure a place in the top 10, Vox was, rightly, saved by the judges and given a chance to perform again this week. But Sunday night, America voted once again and Ada Vox was sent home.

The internet did what it does best: It erupted in outrage. The angry consensus was that Vox had been passed over not because of her talents but because of her identity…

…I’ve pissed enough people off over the years with my observations on “American Idol” that I’ve lost count, so I’m not afraid to add to that tally. Someone needs to be real here. Ada Vox wasn’t voted off because she is a drag queen and she wasn’t voted off because Adam Sanders (her alter ego) is a gay man. She was voted off because she was not the best voice on the show….

I hope you will take the time to read Clay’s entire article.  It is well-written and certainly makes you think!  To read the entire article click HERE 

Billboard picked up Clay’s article and wrote about Clay and what he had to say:


Clay Aiken Says Ada Vox Was Voted Off ‘American Idol’ Because She Wasn’t the Best Singer

by Rain Aniftos

Clay Aiken is ready to set the record straight on Sunday night’s episode of American Idol, in which drag queen Ada Vox got sent home. In his guest article to The Huffington Post, he plays devil’s advocate by arguing that her elimination wasn’t because she (or her gay alter ego Adam Sanders) is part of the LGBTQ community, but simply because she wasn’t the strongest contestant…

…Aiken did, however, praise the accomplishment of Vox being a competitor on the show in the first place: “Most of us were thrilled to see a contestant breaking down another barrier. We were excited to see an out and proud contestant doing well and living their truth on an American institution. I certainly was. And when we are proud of someone and rooting for them as fiercely as so many of us were, it’s easy to ignore their shortcomings.”…

…Aiken posted his article on Twitter, nodding at its potential controversy by writing, “Bring on tomatoes.”

If you would like to read the entire article at Billboard, click on BILLBOARD

I hope that Clay will write more articles for Huffpost.  He is an excellent writer and always has something to say that is interesting.

Please give Clay’s article a click .  It’s the best way we can tell Clay we appreciate his writing and hope he will write more.  You can also retweet and like Clay’s tweet about this article.  If you want more from Clay, let him know by clicking on his sites!!  CLAYTWEET


Do you remember the first few weeks Clay was on American Idol??

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Has Something To Say!

  1. Want to hear more from Clay. Our guy speaks his mind. I hope sometime in the near future, he will write a follow-up book on his life. Wouldn’t that be great !

  2. I can think of others who should have gone home not Ada.
    Drag or not the voice was good. I swear some ppl are tone deaf.

  3. clay I disagree ada vox was a good singer on idol and she shouldn't have been sent home and gone home remember when it was you and rubbin ilost you and I lost adam because of kriss

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