Clay Aiken -“I’ve Learned To Fly…”

Yesterday…Sunday…was May 6th.  It was the anniversary of On My Way Here, the 4th studio album by Clay Aiken.  It was released on May 6, 2008.

The album is a mix of both ballads and pop-rock.  The producer of the album was Mark ‘Kipper’ Eldridge and Jaymes Foster was the executive producer.

The website, The UrbanWire, wrote an interesting review of the album.  The following is a bit of what they had to say:

On My Way Here is the 4th studio album by American Idol (AI) Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken. This is a well-crafted album that tells a lot of Aiken’s life experiences – it seems almost as though you are listening to his autobiography.

The album contains 12 tracks, and it is not difficult to spot a diversity of music genres, ranging from ballad to soft rock and to some light R&B; this demonstrates Aiken’s vocal’s versatility. However, most tracks fall into the mid-tempo range though. 

His soaring and lush vocal adds a warm and irresistible touch to the album. The lyrics actually carry meanings, unlike the songs that you usually hear in mainstream stations these days.

Title track “On My Way Here”, written by Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, will predictably be Aiken’s next signature ballad. The smooth rhythm coupled by Aiken’s clear vocal makes this a great opening track for the album.

Talking about learning from past experiences and emerging as a stronger person, the lyrics of this song enocurages the listener to reflect on his/her own thoughts and experiences. “I’ve learned to fly / I’ve fallen hard but I’ve been loved / And in the end it all works out,” Aiken sings.

This helps listeners better relate to the song. Arguably, this song tells Aiken’s tale about what he went through since his second place win at AI in 2003 and it is seen as a good representation of his career and life now…

The writer was Yin Yin and he certainly had an interesting idea about the songs.  You can read the entire article HERE

2008 was a very busy year for Clay Aiken.  He recorded and released his new album while he was on Broadway, starring in Spamalot.  The album was released two days after Clay’s last performance of his run in Spamalot.

I thought it might be fun to watch the promo video that was sent out to help sell the album.  The second video is the first single from the album, titled On My Way Here.

What is your favorite song from the beautiful album?


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  1. This is definitely my favorite album of Clay's! From the romantic "Something About Us" to the bluesy "Everything I Don't Need" Happy Monday, All!

  2. It’s impossible to pick a favorite of almost any of Clay’s songs – love that album.

    Also love Yin Yin’s thoughts! Thank you for bringing that to us!

  3. It's hard to pick just one song I love all Clay's songs but I would have to say On My Way Here. But I have to say This is Th Night is one of my favorite because my son John sang that with Clay Live on stage in Atlantic City I want to say Thank You Clay for making his wish come true.

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