Clay Aiken – Love, Dedication, and Beautiful Music!

I am very proud to support The National Inclusion Project.  It has been a joy to watch the organization grow for 15 years. It has established itself as one of the leading voices in the field of inclusion and works with many distinguished youth organizations.

According to their website, the mission of the National Inclusion Project is:

to make sure no child has to sit on the sidelines, and that children of all abilities have the chance to play, laugh, and learn TOGETHER.

Over 15 years ago, Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel became friends when Clay was helping Dianes son, Michael, a teenager who was diagnosed with severe autism.

As Diane and Clay worked together for Michael, they both realized that they shared goals for children with disabilities.  They watched as Michael was turned away and excluded from ordinary activities open to children without disabilities.  They were not satisfied with this and believed that with the right training, organizations could include all children.

Because of their dedication, the National Inclusion Project was born on July 28, 2003. According to the website for the National Inclusion Project:

…Since that time, the Project has established itself as the leading voice for inclusion. We’ve partnered with some of the country’s largest youth organizations and most prestigious educational institutions, developing cutting edge inclusion models, training hundreds of industrial leaders and facilitating inclusive opportunities for over 15,000 children a year.

Yes…I repeat…I am so proud of the National Inclusion Project.

Each year, the Project hosts a wonderful Gala to celebrate the organization and to raise funds so the organization can continue to make a difference for all children!

I get more and more excited each day about The 15th Anniversary Celebration Gala that will be held on October 6, 2018I am sure it will be an amazing event full of fun, friendship, and inspiration!

This year, Clay Aiken, who is the co-founder of the National Inclusion Project, challenged us to attend the Gala this year. He said that if we  get at least 400 attendees to this year’s gala, he will perform the ENTIRE SET LIST from his


The National Inclusion said:

This will be an incredible evening of inspiration, fellowship, music and inclusion and with YOUR help, we can relive Clay’s debut album LIVE!

We need YOU to reach out to your friends, family, and social networks and make this our biggest Gala yet.

…we’ll keep a tally of attendees so you can track our progress.

Don’t forget all proceeds go directly to the Project and our mission of making inclusion the expectation, not the exception.

I already have my tickets…how about you?

With YOUR help, we can relive Clay’s debut album LIVE!

The talented SueReu put together a wonderful video that shows the excitement that is in the air about the Gala…it’s an important occasion filled with love, friendship…and fabulous music by Clay Aiken!

For more information on The National Inclusion Project and the 15th Anniversary Celebration Gala,  Click


And…don’t forget to purchase your tickets!

It’s a “Perfect Day” when we can support the National Inclusion Project

AND… Hear Clay Aiken in concert!!!

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Love, Dedication, and Beautiful Music!

  1. The first Gala I attended was in 2011 – it was extra special as it was a little before Christmas. After that special time I managed to get there each year only missing in 2015 due to an illness in my family. In 2016 my Grandaughters took me for my 80th birthday and also in 2017 again. The 3 of us have tickets for this year and we are so excited. Clay was so excited last year when saying he would do the Independent Tour again and maybe Quiana, and Angela might be there, too! I sure hope he will be able to entertain. If you go once you will always want to go the next year. My granddaughters are just as excited to go again this year as I am. They never expected to have so much fun the first year.

    Thank you for high-lighting just how much good a person can do by attending the NIP Gala and for all of the information that you come away with about Inclusion for the kids. It is such a good cause and Clay and Diane have done such wonderful work – they are to be commended along with everyone that works and helps. It is a truly exciting weekend!

    Thanks for sharing, Martha! Sure hope Clay hits the magic # 400!

  2. SueReu is so talented and NIP is fortunate to have her in their corner! I am a big supporter of this organization and I give wherever I can! Thank you, CANN for sharing!

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