Clay Aiken – So Much In One Day!

A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.  ~Proverb


It is always a nice day when we hear from Clay Aiken!

The following are a few Clay events from Saturday!

Did you notice that Clay has a new profile photo on his Instagram account?  It’s a great smile!

Ruben & Clay posted a short video on all their social media accounts…Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.It is really cute.  Don’t forget to turn up the volume!

Later in the day, Clay posted another fun Instagram:

Clay received a fun response from the policeman who is singing  It is  posted on Clay’s IG:

Wow!!! Never saw this coming! @clayaiken, it’s such a pleasure to bring happiness and laughter to my community and to the world!!! I’m so happy this video of me singing is becoming this big. Thank you for posting!!!

Now…lets hope we get some more fun messages from Clay and Ruben!  It really is fun!!

Today is Veterans Day.  It is the one day out of the year to pay special homage to our armed servicemen and women!

All Americans nationwide are encouraged to display the flag and recognize U.S. veterans with proper ceremony. Emporia, Kansas, the home of Alvin J. King, is home to one of the more famous Veterans Day ceremonies. On Oct. 31, 2003, Emporia was recognized by Congress as the “Founding City of the Veterans Day Holiday.”

However we choose to celebrate Veterans day, we must remember that it is a day that is set aside for reflection, honor and remembrance for those soldiers who served and died, soldiers who served and lived, and those who are still serving today.

What is Clay Aiken doing this Veterans Day?

Wherever he is or whatever he is doing, I am sure he will acknowledge the importance of the day

and help teach his young son about patriotism.

I love this beautiful song that Clay sang for the 4th of July in Washington DC. It is perfect for today!

What are you doing to celebrate Veterans Day?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – So Much In One Day!

  1. So much honor to all veterans on this special day! Hate all the commercialism, though!
    This day is for appreciating all servicemen and women who served our country! Love goes especially to my daughter who toured both Irag and Afghanistan.
    Thank you, CANN for the special videos of Clay and Ruben. Also, the singing police officer who spreads joy though singing!

  2. Thinking of my father, 5 uncles, and husband who survived WW II and my 19 yr old cousin who didn't survive Viet Nam.

  3. happy veterans day to all service men and women thanks cann for the clay and ruben videos I think about my father who was in the Korean war also the video of the singing police officer who does spread joy through his singing

  4. happy veterans day to the men and woman who have served our country thinking of my father he was in the Korean war thanks also cann for the videos of clay and ruben and also the singing police officer who does spread joy through his singing

  5. Thanks to all the Veteran's who served. One of my earliest memories was of the Parade at the end of the war, my parents walking 3 little girls, carrying American Flags and tiredly stumbling, across a bridge to the parking lot. We lived with my Mother's big extended family. I remember the excitement when the final family soldier came home. A household that was all women, busy raising chickens and food in the family garden, now filled with the roar of big young men horsing around. We have a picture of my Grandnmother and all those men outside the house and in the window is a small banner flag with stars for each soldier.

  6. So interesting to read all of these special comments on this Veteran's Day!
    God bless ALL veterans for their honorable service – we should never forget!

    Thanks for the video – and all of the Clay information!

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