Clay Aiken – It’s A Three Day Week-end!

It’s a 3-day week-end for most of us.  I hope you have a great time!


On Friday, Ruben & Clay’s Christmas Show posted on social media:

Haul out the holly! There are just 4 more weeks until ’s First Annual Christmas Carol Family Fun Pageant Spectacular Reunion Show hits Broadway!

I think the Clay/Ruben team is excited…what do you think?


When was the last time you watched Clay sing Without You?  It’s a great song and Clay sings it from his heart!

The following video is great!


Have a wonderful week-end and remember to check in here for up-dated material about Clay Aiken!






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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s A Three Day Week-end!

  1. Beautiful – just plain beautiful! No one sings like Clay! Yes, I do think Ruben and Clay are very excited to be performing together again – especially for a Christmas Show on Broadway!

    Thank you! Loved the video!

  2. One of the most underrated and ignored singers who deserves to be right up there with the top 10 singers in the world. His range, tone and quality are always inspiring and truly powerful. I will always love you, Clay, as you are a true talent.
    Dr. Kathleen Olsson Nelson

  3. Thank you for sharing this video of Clay performing "Without You" Great way to start off the weekend!

  4. Beautiful beautiful song Clay sings this song so much better than anyone else. Clay you have a fantastic voice Thanks for sharing.

  5. very beautufull no one in the wold can sing like clay does im also sure that both clay and ruben are excited to perform in there Christmas show

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