Clay Aiken – WOW! What A Voice!

New pictures of Harlem who belongs to Clay!!

Found on Instagram stories – that means movie(Screencaps) so hard to get them clear.


“WOW!  Who is that? Clay Aiken? WOW! What a voice”

Isn’t it fun when you hear comments like the one above?  From what I am hearing from those who have attended Grease, the audience is amazed and excited to hear and see Clay on the stage!

Yesterday, I posted a new picture of the cast at the Opening Night Party.  I added it to yesterday’s post. I hope you saw it!

The Pittsburgh CLO production of Grease has now performed 3 times.  On Sunday, there will be 2 more shows.  Then the cast gets a day off.

The following are some small facts that I hear about the Saturday shows:

  1.  No more platform shoes!  The original shoes broke twice already.  Now Clay is wearing white jazz shoes!
  2. Clay is getting a huge response from the audience.
  3. At the finale of the show, Clay gets a lot of applause…more than any of the other stars!

I have a few pictures from the shows.  It is always difficult to post pictures if I do not know the person.  In the two pictures below, I cut out the two ladies that were with Clay.  Since their Instagram account is private, I wanted to be careful.  The pictures were taken after the show. Please excuse the shape of the pictures!

I hope there will be more pictures tomorrow and I hope we also get some professional reviews.

I will post anything new as quickly as I can.  Look for the red print!


Clay did tweet on Saturday.  If you didn’t see it, you might want to check it out and retweet/like his tweet!


Have a wonderful week-end and I hope you will check in to see if there is anything new to post!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – WOW! What A Voice!

  1. I didn't see the need for Clay to wear platform shoes. First of all, he is tall and then the safety issue. We didn't want to see OMC injured by falling. Love all the pictures! Thank you, CANN.
    I am so glad Clay is back to performing.

  2. Thank you for the pictures. Clay looks great, happy. I am not worried about the shape of the pictures. I am glad that Clay does not need to wear those platform shoes. I do not need to worry , if he will 'break a leg'. I am not surprise about his voice, we all know he can sing. I am so sad that I can not see the play in Pittsburgh.

  3. I was praying yesterday about Clay not breaking his ankles on those shoes, I am glad he changed shoes.

  4. I wtote this for clay it is good for what he doing comes from heart your soul is like a diamond shining bright the depth I can see when darkness comes your soul shines bright so all the world can see you will always be a shining star for all the world to see shine on clay shine on

  5. We had a Meet and Greet Saturday afternoon and I had mentioned to him that I was praying he didn't break his neck coming down the stairs. He told us the shoes had broken Fri. and he did fall (not down the steps) and then broke again on Sat. and that he would be wearing different shoes. I was very happy they were gone. They looked too difficult and dangerous anyway! Had a fun time both during and after the play!!!

    • Thanks for sharing with us! Those shoes made me nervous. How fun that you got a Meet & Greet. I have one on the 14th.

  6. im glad clay dint have to keepthose platform shoes on his feet hes a very tall man clay sure looks happy theres a lady that has on a ilove clay t shirt I don't know her

  7. Clay looks like he's having a great time in this play. Love his characterization of Teen Angel. 😀

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