Clay Aiken – He Reset The High Bar

It is fun to sit down at my computer and try to find all the exciting tweets,

Instagrams, Facebook messages and emails about Clay Aiken in the musical, Grease!

You just never know what you will find!


On Sunday, the cast performed two shows.  So…in three days they performed 5 times.  I hope they have a good rest on Monday, their day off.

On Sunday morning I added a few pictures of Harlem…(he is Clays dog).  I put them on yesterdays blog.  He is a darling dog!

Clay posted a nice good luck message from Meghan McCain.

This picture is from an Instagram story.

Check out the pink highlights in the hair!

I like this shot from a Meet & Greet!

It is alway fun to read some great messages:

Just saw @clayaiken in Grease at the @PittsburghCLO! A truly awesome show and a fantastic way to kick off summer musical season! #grease #summer #musicaltheatre


PROUD!! .@clayaiken just re-set the high bar for #TeenAngel in this 2019 production of #Grease at @PittsburghCLO !! Bravo!! 1f44f-1f3fc.png1f44f-1f3fc.png1f44f-1f3fc.png1f60e.png1f3f3-fe0f-200d-1f308.png#HappyPrideMonth


@clayaiken I saw you in that pink suit…phenomenal @greasemusical #Pittsburgh 1f37e.png1f44f-1f3fe.png1f44f-1f3fe.png1f60d.png1f49b.png


Luckiest1 posted:

His voice filled every inch of that place. He was so campy and funny…He got so many hoots and hollers and tons of applause, throughout the song and at the end of it.
See…I told you it is fun to read the messages and see the pictures.
I will continue to watch for all the news about Grease and bring it to you as soon as I can.
Have a great Monday!
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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Reset The High Bar

  1. It's good to hear all of the excitement and that Clay is a big hit! I also am glad to hear they ditched the ridiculous shoes and they should have known better – Clay needs to be kept in one piece, please!!! Love the pic of Harlem – he is one sweet puppy – good to know he is there with Clay. We all knew Clay's voice would be great ! <3

  2. Thank you for all of the pictures. I loved them all. I am glad that Clay is not wearing those shoes. He has raise the bar on the one song. It will never be the same. Good news that Harlem is there with Clay. Thank you again.

  3. Clay still has 'it' and everyone seeing Grease is thrilled. Thanks for finding all the posts & photos to share with us.

  4. Thank you all for the tweets, hoping someone will video his performance(if all possible). Harlem is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. im thrilled and happy to know about the excitement and that clay is indeed a big hit im pleased that they got rid of those plat form shoes and indeed I also agree that they should have known better those folish mortals clay does indeed need to be kept in one place please do that ilike the picture of clays dog harlim he sure is indeed one sweet puppy im glad to know hes with clay we all indeed knew that clays voice would indeed be great and may I say amazing also

    • The play was great, everyone was wonderful. Clay was definitely a 10!!!! Glad I got to go and if you get the chance you should too

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