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Today is the last day of September and I passed over an important event for Clay that happened in September.  So…it’s 10 days late, but it is a fun event!


I will always remember the first time Clay Aiken sang at the Miss America Pageant.  It was on September 20th, 2003.  Clay was the featured musical guest of the pageant. About 30 minutes into the show, Tom Bergeron introduced Clay as “One of America’s newest Pop Superstars.” Clay sang “This is the Night” as the contestants paraded down the runway.

There was lots of press for Clay’s appearance.  The following are two of my favorite articles:

USA Today :

Here she comes, Miss America (ABC, Saturday, 8 p.m. ET/PT) — and for three hours, yet. On the up side, we get a performance by American Idol’s Clay Aiken. And the down? The show will cut away to a “viewing party” hosted by Bachelor’s Ryan Sutter and Trista Rehn, who would no doubt host a party for When Animals Attack if it meant more airtime.

Press of Atlantic City

A group of 11 women clustered around the “Miss America Souvenirs” sign on the Boardwalk and smiled for the camera. They never saw each other before Saturday evening, but by now they were the best of friends. One thing held them together – and brought them to the Miss America Pageant.

“We’re here to see Clay Aiken,” the women, age 19 to 70, said almost in unison.

The group met on the Internet and decided to come to Atlantic City to see “American Idol” runner-up Aiken croon to the pageant, said Emily Beaston, 35, of Hellertown, Pa.

Just for one song?

“It’s worth it. We’d pay more than that to see him,” said Geri Carabella, 56, of Staten Island, N.Y. “He’s done a lot (for charities) in the short time he’s been a celebrity.”

Colleen Siegel, of Lafayette Township, came to see the pageant, but screamed with delight when told Clay Aiken would perform live. Her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer last year and just finished her chemotherapy and will survive.

“We do nothing but listen to Clay Aiken’s tapes,” Siegel said. “It helps her get through her day.”

Yes…Clay Aiken added a lot to the pageant in 2003.  Did any of you see him perform live for this performance?


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5 thoughts on “We’re Here To See Clay Aiken

  1. Nothing has changed with Clay Aiken Fans in all of these years! Still love meeting up with old and new fans. I didn't get to see this live but did watch when it was on TV – yes I taped it!

    Thanks once again – love all of the reports, pics, and video!

  2. The one and only reason I watch The Miss America Beauty Pageant was to see and hear Clay!
    The scene at the end is seeing The CEO: George Bauer mouth the word FANTASTIC!
    Still a fan and always will be! Thank you, CANN for sharing the articles and the video of OMC!

  3. I didn't see this live, but was glued to the TV waiting for Clay's appearance. He did a great job and even George Bauer was impressed. I often wonder if Clay misses those days when he was on top of the charts and guested on so many TV shows.

  4. thanks so much for that video of clay singing this is the night on the beautypagent I was glued myself to thee tv wating for clay appereence I dint get to see it live there was a man a ceo man George bauer and he mouth the word fantastic I also often wonder if clay misses being on tv shows and on top of the charts

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