Clay Aiken – An Event On TV

There are special days that make being a fan of Clay Aiken so much fun!

A night in January, 2016 was one of those special times!

On that night, American Idol broadcast another night of auditions for the 15th and final season of the show.  And guess who stole the show?  Yep…it was Clay Aiken!!

Although Clay only had a few minutes of air-time, those minutes were the best of the night.

Clay was shown being one of the elimination judges in Philadelphia with his friend, Michael Orland who is the pianist with American Idol.  Clay had to judge one of the worst “joke” auditions of the entire show.   A portly man dressed himself up and made some of the most unusual sounds that he thought was singing.  He also danced around in a pleather outfit and ended the “performance” with a cartwheel that made him land on his “behind”.  It also made his top drop to his waist.

Rachel McGrath at the Daily Mail explained Clay’s reaction:

‘Are you kidding me?’ Clay Aiken rips into American Idol wannabe who auditions in a leather tutu and turns cartwheels

Clay Aiken showed he may have picked up some tips on harsh American Idol judging from Simon Cowell.

Aiken, 37, lost his temper with a time-wasting cartwheeling wannabe on the latest audition show of Idol’s final series

‘What makes you think that is American Idol material?’ Aiken sternly asked the leather tutu-wearing singer after his wailing and writhing on the floor.

‘It was pretty damn bad, are you kidding me? Come on seriously. This is a show that I like, this is a show that put me where I am today,’ said the 37-year-old who placed second on season two of the reality show in 2003.

‘No, no, this show gave me every opportunity in the world,’ said Clay angrily, cutting off the contestant as he tried to speak.

‘All these people have shown up here today to audition. They have prepared songs and came here seriously and you brought that, and you think that deserves to go through? Seriously?’

The contestant was unimpressed with Clay’s attitude.

‘Why do you have to go off on me though?’ he said indignantly.

The upset contestant then slapped his rear end in Clay’s direction and yelled: ‘You lost anyways.’

‘He don’t know talent, that’s why he lost,’ he repeated to the cameras as he exited the arena.

Can you imagine?  The Idol wannabe certainly wanted some attention.

Well, Clay did get a bit of attention.  He trended on twitter as it was filled of tweets about Clay’s reaction to the unusual contestant.  Most of them were excited about Clay’s reaction!

After the show was over, American Idol tweeted the following:

is the music show that changed the face of television! What was your favorite season?

They received lots of answers like these:

Season 2 is my favorite season…huge talent and lots of fun. Hope Clay and Ruben will be on the show this season.

Easy question Season 2 was the very best. Great talent and loads of fun! When will Clay & Ruben be on this season?

Season 2 is the best. 2 winners Clay and Ruben. They can’t be beat! They are still loved today! Perfect for the finale!

Yep…Clay gets the press again!

Will You be watching American Idol this season?


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Event On TV

  1. Thank you for the pictures. I do remember this show. I do not know how Clay did not laugh. He was great to keep a straight face. I am glad Clay was on the show. I have not seen AI for several years. Season 2 was a great season for AI.

  2. I remember this one! This man was so obnoxious with that performance! Love Clays^ reaction: his facial expressions and his contempt for this man wasting the Idols’ time.

    I wish we still have the video. Thank you, CANN for this special Claymemory!

  3. How could I have missed that episode of AI? I thought I had seen every show since Season 1 and watched Season 2 over and over again because of Clay. Always watched whatever he is on and somehow missed this. So glad I got to see pictures and what he had to say to the guy wasting everyone's time. Thanks.

  4. I sure do also remember this one oh my heavens the man was indeed so very obnoxious with that performance iliked clays reaction clays facial expreshions and his contempt for that man wasing clays time and idols time

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