Clay Aiken – Weekend Fun!!

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was..

is so they can tell them about our own weekend.

~Chuck Palahniuk

  Some of you might try to go away for the week-end,

others might try to be with family and friends.

And…some of you will use the time to relax and “do nothing”.


Before you take off for the week-end, I thought you might want to watch the following video.

Yes…it is from 2004, but it is fabulous…Clay at his best!!!

The first few seconds are a bit jumpy, but the rest of the video is great!!

From The Independent Tour!!

I hope you have a wonderful week-end!!

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  1. That video will definitely wake you up! Thank you so very much for the article. pics, and video. Looks like another quiet weekend for my household! Hope everyone is staying safe.

  2. WOW! From soulful to rock, amazing vocals and movements from OMC! Thank you, all clackers and CANN!

  3. Haven't listened to WDC in quite a while!! That song sure took all of us by surprise the first time Clay performed it!! After that, it just got better and better!! Clay can sing anything!! Loved the video!

  4. That sheepish grin when he was singing the first lines. I don't know if it was like I pulled something on you or was grinning at the screams we made. It was fun. Loved it.

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