Clay Aiken -October Surprise

Clay Aiken surprised his friends and fans by getting on social media to do some live chatting.

He was on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.  

Clay was trying to learn how to use all the different social media sites.  He chatted for about an hour.  

The camera was on Clay for about a minute with no talking and then he came on strong.

So…if you want to see the chat, be sure to wait…he will come on!

I am putting some a few pictures up .  I will try and get a few more.

So….thank you Clay!  I am sure we all enjoyed your chat.  You have been missed and your chat made a lot of people smile.

It would be nice if you let Clay know you enjoyed the chat.  Just click on the comments here and we can get them to Clay.

Have a great evening – day – night?????

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken -October Surprise

  1. What a lovely surprise to come here and find Clay doing a "Chat"! Leave it to Clay to always take a person off guard and fill you with so much joy! He spoke simply and filled us in on some special issues – for me hearing about what he is doing and news that he and his family are well. Glad to hear about NIP and what they hope to happen. Taping a game show was surprising – wonder what that will be. Hearing "Moon River" was so dreamy! Oh! Harlem loves his Daddy – and is a very well behaved (Thanks to Clay). If Clay will see these
    notes – I want to say thank you for the last 17 years of joy – will love to have another chat
    when he is available! Christmas music and tour would be grand – there is hope! Clay you are so loved! Blessings always and forever.

    Special thanks to you for posting this chat and the pics!

  2. What a great surprise! Love knowing that he and his family are safe! Harlem is very affectionate, just like my dog, Rosie! I watched it Live and watched it again! Moon River was my bedtime lullaby and I drifted off to sleep!

  3. your singing clay was amazing singing moon river ilove your singing and ilovekowing that he and his family are safe i had seen harlem with you your dog clay is verry affectionet dog and i thank you for chatting clay and i herd that you tapeing a game show thats interesting this was the best october surprise i have ever had

  4. Hi Clay it's so nice to see you again after a long long time and I would like to congratulate you for your accomplishments and really wish you well. i miss your singing so I just watch your AI
    performances on UTube day and night and listen to your CD's when I'm driving. I do hope you have time again to do "Chat". Take care of yourself and God Bless you and your family.
    Till next time.

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