Clay Aiken – “Our Brightest Days Are Ahead Of Us”

Clay Aiken spent Wednesday night at a casual  reception and fundraiser co-hosted by  Betsy & Gene Conti, John Jameson, and John I. Wilson.

According to those in attendance, the crowd was made up of people of all ages.  There were some excited young people from North Carolina who were learning more about politics and ready to support Clay and his ideas.  There were a few local fans who wanted to hear more about Clay’s political ideas, and then some politically active democrats who asked questions and were genuinely interested in what Clay had to say.

Throughout the evening, Clay tried to spend a few minutes with each person.  He spoke to a few small groups but more often, he spoke to individuals.  Most of the questions and answers were about North Carolina and his platform. Clay made a point to mention how important it is to work with those across the aisle.

Clay left the reception and hurried to the airport to catch a plane home to North Carolina. From all reports, it was a full day for Clay as he was busy all day, meeting and chatting with important people in Washington D.C.  I hope he was able to relax on the way home.

A big thank you to Hosaa for sharing these pictures with us:

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