Clay Aiken – Every Vote Counts


Seven More Days Until Voting Day!

I hope that everyone votes.

 Every Vote Count!

Clay Aiken…what did you do over the week-end?

Well…I went to a farm, visited some fall festivals, went to a high school football game, and then spoke at church Sunday morning.  Oh, wait…I also held two town hall meeting where I chatted with the wonderful families of the 2nd Congressional District in North Carolina and I slept on a bus!!! ( My words, not Clay’s!!)

Thankfully, lots of people shared their pictures and messages about the events on Sunday!


Clay had the opportunity to speak at church on Sunday!

And then we have Mr. Clay Aiken himself; he deserves your vote as well! He’s running for Congress!!!

Diann Dowdy Murphy Me & Mr. Clay Aiken himself!!!! — at Works for Christ Bible Center.

Maurice Gilmore: Me and Clay Aikens

Cory Taylor posted a short video of Clay Aiken as he spoke at church on Sunday.  The church is in Sanford.  It is posted on Facebook and you can see it at CHURCHVIDEO


After church, Clay and his beautiful bus traveled to Fayetteville.  At 2:00pm, Clay hosted a Town Hall Meeting at the Cumberland County Library.

According to “Cotton”, a wonderful Clay supporter, Clay was greeted outside the meeting by some darling children who were holding up some pictures they made for Clay.  Clay was so pleased that he posted the pictures on his Facebook page along with a lovely message.

Thank you for some wonderful art from some of our younger participants today at the town hall here in Fayetteville. Thank you Amanda and Annalisa!

According to Cotton, the crowd at the Town Hall Meeting was enthusiastic and had lots of questions for Clay.  And Clay answered each one with thought and knowledge.

Thank you Cotton, for sharing this picture with us.

Tucker Middleton posted the following picture on twitter!  They all have been so busy. It looks like they make a good team!!


So…as we start the last full week of the Campaign Trail, I am sure we will see lots of Clay and his team as they travel throughout District 2.

 To Clay and his team, we wish all the best! Stay healthy, sleep when you can, and enjoy every moment of this amazing experience.


According to the calendar, Clay will be in Lee County tomorrow and the Town Hall Meeting will be held in Sanford.  

The meeting will be at The Salvation Army of Lee County at 7pm.

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