Clay Aiken – North Carolina BBQ


On Sunday afternoon, Steven Norris and Dale Hemrick hosted a North Carolina BBQ at their home in Cary in support of Clay Aiken, the Candidate for United States Congress – North Carolina’s 2nd District.  According to those in attendance, it was a great time for all and was a successful fundraising event.

Backyard BBQ Party – Photo by Yearyourgifted


The following is just a short report about the event.  There were at least four reports about the exciting afternoon and so there is lots of information.

1.   Reports said that there were between 50 to 100 people in attendance.

2.  Clay posed for lots of selfies.

3.  Clay’s good friend, Nick Leisey, moved back to North Carolina to help with Clay’s campaign.  He will be handling fundraising!  Another new member of the team was there too.  Ebony is working on scheduling.

4.  There was lots of delicious food and drink, including BBQ – Pulled Pork and BBQ Chicken.  They even had Strawberry Shortcake.

5.  There was a live band on the poll deck who added some fun to the party.

The talented band and singer. Picture by Yeahyourgifted


6.  Clay walked around and talked to each guest.  He remembered some of the people that he had met before.

7.  Clay took a few minutes to talk to the entire group.  He reminded them why he was running and why he feels he is qualified for the job.

According to Yeahyourgifted:

Clay talked about education, veterans, campaign funding, how the foundation started and him realizing he had a voice to use for good, and his opponent and how she doesn’t listen to her people…

8.  Clay left quickly at the end.  He said that he had a meeting before the BBQ and had another that he was heading to after the BBQ.

Clay tried to speak to each guest. Photo by Yeahyourgifted

Photo by Yeahyourgifted

The fun-loving Anne Cotton with Clay Aiken


I wish that I lived close enough to attend this fun party.  Do you think we could have North Carolina BBQ in San Francisco??(With Clay, of course).

Hopefully, we will get more information and pictures tomorrow.

 If so, I will post the info and pictures as soon as I can.  

A big thank you to all who share their reviews and pictures.  It makes it so much fun for all of us!!


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