Clay Aiken – Did You Watch Clay?

Did you watch Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield on BoldTV this morning?

Although the show had some audio problems, the guests and the conversations were great.  I enjoyed listening to Clay and Carrie talk at the beginning of the show.

All three of the special guests were interesting to listen to.  Dana Rosenberg, from the Kind Movement reminded us to “Be Bold and Pop your social media Bubble.” Ed Henry told us about his new book, 42 Faith – The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story.  Mark Wales, from a former special ops unit, introduced his leather jacket.  It was interesting to hear his story about how he went from being in the special to producing beautiful leather jackets.

If you missed seeing the show, you can see it on the BOLD Facebook page.


I hope you have fun seeing this cute video of Clay!

Have A Wonderful week-end!!!

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