Empties4Cash – Changes to the program

Do you know that you can recycle those empty, throw-away, printer cartridges and benefit the Bubel/Aiken Foundation?

For the past couple of years, many fans and supporters of the Foundation have been participating in a program that pays for your empty printer cartridges.  There are so many benefits to this recycling program:  Not only does it keep the cartridges out of landfills and provide for lower-cost remanufactured cartridges, but TBAF benefits with a donation for each cartridge mailed in.

However, there have been changes to the program. Because Empties4Cash is no different than the many other companies struggling to keep their heads above water during this economic climate, they will no longer accept your shipments using the individual baggy mailers.  Instead, they are now requiring that we use prepaid shipping labels and pack at least ten empty cartridges to a shipment.

Please send an email with your mailing address to empties4cash@hotmail.com and prepaid shipping labels will be sent right out to you.   Then pack ten or more empties, affix a label and either call Fed-ex to do a pickup or drop the box off at any Fed-ex drop off point.  It’s as simple as that!

We realize that for many people collecting ten cartridges could take a very long time, so there is another option available to you.  If you are willing to pay the cost of postage and mail the cartridge yourself, one individual will accept your empties and combine them into one large shipment each month.  Please send an email to empties4cash@hotmail.com for the mailing address.

Did you know that if you purchase remanufactured ink cartridges for your printer, you could be helping to benefit the Foundation’s mission?

If you go to www.inksmile.com and make a purchase using the referral code 63059, ten percent (10%) of your purchase will be donated to the Foundation.  Just be sure to enter the referral code 63059 when you make your purchase.   And as an added bonus, once you make a purchase with inksmile, you will receive coupons by email to use when making additional purchases.

If you need additional information concerning Empties4Cash or Inksmile, please send an email to empties4cash@hotmail.com

And thank you for your years of support of this program!  Over the course of the program, we have raised over $10,000 to benefit the Foundation’s mission of inclusion!


Thank you, Linda, for bringing this information to us.  Clay Aiken fans are the best and do so much for his Foundation.

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