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Clay Aiken – It’s A Fun Friday!!!


It’s Friday and that means it is BOLD Day! Yes, Clay Aiken will be on Bold this morning at 10am ET.

Carrie Sheffield and Clay will be joined by

Ed Henry – Fox News Channel’s national correspondent

Mark Wales – from a special ops unit who is presenting a special jacket for safety and comfort

Dana Rosenberg – Director of The KIND Foundation

It sounds like an exciting morning!!

Tune in at Facebook Live or Periscope to see this exciting and informative show!


During the summer of 2005, Clay Aiken performed around the country presenting concerts on The Jukebox Tour.  The tour was very popular and Clay sang songs from the 50’s through the 90’s.

There was lots of dancing, costume changing, laughs and wonderful music.

During the tour, Clay introduced some songs that he was considering for his up-coming album. A fan favorite was an upbeat song titled, ” Back For More.”

I found a YouTube of the performance of “Back For More.”  The video was taken in Vermont.    Take a look…… The song is “a little bit rock and roll” and although it is rumored that Clay didn’t really like the song, it was a big hit with his fans.

Did you get to attend a concert on this tour?

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