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Clay Aiken -“If You Ever Need Me Here’s My Number”

It is Monday…the beginning of another work week…

but, more important, the beginning of more exciting news about

Clay Aiken!

I don’t know about you, but I am still thinking about Clay’s beautiful blog that he posted on Sunday night.

Thank you, Clay, for this incredible blog!

It is wonderful to hear someone tell you that he loves you and hopes to make you proud.


The following is a short article about Clay Aiken.

The Social Spitball Show – How a North Carolina Singing Celebrity is Taking Down A Tea Party Congresswoman

Today at lunch a fan/voter recognized Clay Aiken and came over to the table to say hello.  After they talked, Clay didn’t have any cards, so he took a napkin–wrote his cell phone number on it and said, ‘here–if you ever need me here’s my number.”  Folks, I’ve been around NC politics a long time–I’ve never even heard of a candidate doing anything close to that.  Say what you want, Clay Aiken knows NC politics.  He’s humble and he really does care about the people in the NC-02 Congressional District.  Anyway, enough said about all that.  If you want to hear this story from the horses mouth…listen to our show Sunday night on The Social Spitball Show.  Click the link

This site interviewed Houston Barnes, a young man who stepped down from running for Congress to support Clay Aiken.  The interview with Mr Barnes is excellent, however, it does come after almost a 1/2 hour into the recording.  He talks about Clay and why he supports him.   If you want to hear the interview, you can click on the link at SPITBALL


The following screencaps are from

the Tar Heel Teachers Interview!

Did you read Clay’s Blog?

What did you think?


Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow.

 We are hoping to get some news about Clay today

 when the State Board of Elections opens its books for the first day of 2014 candidate filing.

As always, we will post the news as soon as we can!

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