Clay Aiken…Has To Sing Or He Isn’t Happy!

What an amazing day it has been for Clay Aiken fans.  His name is everywhere.  If you do a Google search for Clay Aiken, there are about 68, 200 results from the last 24 hours.  (Remember…this changes all the time).  Seems like Clay Aiken is still a popular celebrity and a name that gets hits!!  There is so much to share I almost don’t know where to begin.

Did you see these great You-Tubes of Clay on The Talk??   Yes, that handsome, svelte man is Clay Aiken...father, entertainer, celebrity and humanitarian.

Did you have a chance to see the video of the interview with Clay at Outfest.   So much information in just a few words….What an honor for Clay to be invited to participate in Drop Dead Diva…and it sounds like there is something in the future.!!

It is wonderful to see the video of Clay’s participation in the Drop Dead Diva Panel.

Did you see the Funny or Die Video?  Well…this satire is extremely popular and received an “immortal” rating with 103,801 hits and with over 80% voting FUNNY!!

Check out JustJared

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AND… about a few more pictures!!


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