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Clay Aiken – Farms, Fairs, and Football

I love Fridays!  Besides being the last work day of the week, it is usually filled with exciting events for Clay Aiken.  Friday, September 12th, was true to form…Clay Aiken had some awesome places to visit!

Clay traveled to Harnett County and  visited the Butler Farms.  Located about an hour southeast of Raleigh, the farm has become famous.  Farmer Tom Butler traps methane gas, a byproduct of hog waste, in order to create renewable energy. According to Time Warner Cable News:

Butler’s system costs more than half a million dollars to install, but he says wider use of this technology will lessen its cost.

Butler says he hopes his farm can provide an environmental model for other farms.

“If we can keep from putting greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, why not? And it’s a commodity you can use here on the farm,” said Butler.

By selling his electricity, Butler makes $28,000 per year and says he expects that profit to grow.

So Clay Aiken didn’t just visit any farm, he learned from Farmer Butler about renewable energy.  It is wonderful that this forward thinking farmer is doing the right thing!

You can read more about the Butler Farms at TIMEWARNERNEWS

Clay tweeted while he was visiting the farm.

Clay Aiken ‏@ClayForNC 1m Excited to tour Butler Farms in Harnett County this evening #ncpol #nc02 @ Butler Farms

Meeting the pigs at the hog farm #ncpol #nc02

I love seeing Clay with the darling young girls, but I have to admit, I feel really bad for the pigs!


Next on the agenda for Clay…he drove about 24 miles to the Lee County Fairgrounds to take in the fun of a county fair!!

Kimberly Matthews Photographer with Washington Post and Clay Aiken — at Lee County Fair Grounds.

Hailey Barringer Politicking with my favorite pop star turned politician! ‪#‎clayaiken‬ ‪#‎aiken4house‬

Gena Moree Bos At the local Fair with Clay Aiken!! — with Abby Bos and Clay Aiken.

Bill O’Neil ‏@BILLONEILwxii Clay AIKEN at the Lee County fair in Sanford. Catch our interview coming soon to WXII12News. #commitment2014 #ncpol


The evening wasn’t over for Clay…Next, he headed to the Lee County High School Football Game!  I am not sure who won!!

Looks like there was some rain!!

@kileybasinger Meeting Clay Aiken tonight!


Joyce Womack Joyce and Jackie Petty at lee senior game with clay aiken vote for him November

@PippaKNelson: @clayaiken with LCHS Teacher of the Year #jacketpride #lchs #jacketnation” #selfieswithclay 😉

 So…back to the top…I love Fridays!!!

Clay learned more about Pigs, renewable energy and forward thinking farmers!

He learned that County Fairs are full of fun, fried food, and frequent  hugs!

AND…he learned that even in the rain, football games are fun!

OK, Clay…What will you learn today?

P.S.  I bet Clay knew all of this many years ago, but just maybe he hadn’t thought about it for a bit!!

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