Clay Aiken – Debated With Intelligence, Passion and Class!


Congratulations to Clay Aiken for presenting an intelligent, informing, and exciting debate!!

You performed with dignity, patience, and even a bit of humor!!

I had fun on Monday as I watched the press and social media prepare for and report on the debate between Clay Aiken and Rep. Renee Ellmers.  There were some fun pictures that were posted during the the day. 

mark binker ‏@binker · Clay Aiken speaks with @crabberwral before the 2d district debate, which airs tonight at 7 pm on WRAL. #ncpol

Matt Cordell ‏@MattCordell I have a nearly front-row seat to the @RepReneeEllmers & @clayaiken congress’nl debate @NCBankers Conf. Watch @ 7:00

Paige Rentz ‏@paigerentz @clayaiken talks to the media after the #NC02 debate outside @PinehurstResort

sloane heffernan ‏@wralsloane Post debate @clayaiken

WRAL Picture

WRAL Picture

WRAL Picture

WRAL Picture

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Twitter was filled with positive tweets about Clay and the debate.  The following are a few fun tweets.

Langdon Lowe
WOW @clayaiken  just nailed the debate. He spoke with knowledge, was well prepared and allowed Renee to make a fool of herself
Lisa Kaylie
Now I see why @RepReneeEllmers is being quiet about the 2nd district debate televised tonight. @clayaiken is crushing her. #ncpol

Dyan Joscher

Kinda funny that Ellmers refers to as an entertainer when she’s the one doing a song & dance around the issues


Clay Aiken is taking part in a political debate today. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Kwame Woods
Watching 2nd congressional district debate. Thought Clay Aiken running was a stunt to sell some records but he giving Renee Ellmers the business.  At least in my opinion. He got her tongue tired talking in circles#‎whoknew‬

WRAL has a blog titled @NCCAPITOL    The site wrote a review of the debate.  It even included  some  interesting facts to prove or disprove some of the things said by the debaters.  It is rather long but very interesting.

NCCAPITOL – Aiken, Ellmers draw on current events and stale one-liners during debate 

By Mark Binker

Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers and Clay Aiken, her Democratic challenger for North Carolina’s 2nd District congressional race were certainly feisty in their first and only debate Monday, riffing off both current events as well as well-honed one-liners from early in President Barack Obama’s presidency.

Ellmers is a two-term incumbent and former nurse. Aiken is a first-time candidate best known for his run on American Idol.

For those watching the exchanges who might need some more background or a quick fact check, here are notes on some of the more contentious, strange and strained exchanges…

The rest of the article reports on the topics that were discussed during the debate.  I hope you will take the time to read it.  Click at CAPITOL


There are articles about the debate at the following sites: 

WUNC 91.5


Did you have a chance to see the debate?

 What did you think?

 I would love to read your opinions and thoughts!

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